Collaborative Hiring Gone Wrong? Here's What hireEZ Can Do

JANUARY 25, 2022 3 min read

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Does collaborative hiring ever feel like a horror movie?  

Instead of locked doors, cars that won’t start, and ghosts chasing you around, it’s: 

❌ A ZIP file that fails to send because it’s just too big

🔦 Losing track of hand-scribbled notes, emails, Slack messages, and Zoom recordings of the candidate review process

🔁 Blasting hiring managers with new updates and spreadsheets every day (if only this could be automated… oh wait) 

The ending of this collaborative hiring horror movie is fairly predictable: Teams are unable to work in cohesion, and as a result, hiring progress gets slowed down or stalled entirely. 

The result is a renewed synergy with your entire collaborative hiring team who can collectively achieve both short-term and long-term hiring goals without compromising on efficiency. 

Flexible team roles and permissions

Every horror movie has fairly predictable roles: 

1. The one that wants to leave but nobody listens. 

2. The one who gets taken out first. 

3. The last person standing. 

With the evolution of recruitment, your team’s roles and responsibilities are a lot more flexible than years prior.

You may have one person in charge of sourcing, another in charge of assessing candidate qualification, and another involved with engagement. You may have one team member handling all of those responsibilities across different projects or have roles that are in constant flux. 

With hireEZ’s collaborator seats, role and responsibility flexibility is seamless. 

Project Owners can source, engage, and add or remove a person from the project.

Project Recruiters can source and engage.

Project Screeners can review candidates, leave notes and tags, and approve others to email on behalf of them.

Project Viewers can view candidate profiles, interact with the profile’s social links and resumes, and monitor team or candidate activity logs.

It gets better. hireEZ also automatically tracks team activities for each individual project, so you know when emails are sent out, tags are changed, notes are added, and more. 

Shareable talent insights and profiles

When people stick around in a haunted house for too long, bad things tend to happen. When teams take too long to evaluate and communicate with talent, it’s just as costly. 

To avoid losing out on quality candidates, timely talent insights and internal communication is key.  

For talent insights, users leverage Market Insights to craft their sourcing game plan by assessing the available talent pool for open requisitions within minutes –– even for roles with a talent shortage. 

Talent Sourcer at Arkansas Children’s Hospital George Cobb explains, “Hospitals may have an abundance of Respiratory Therapists while we’re having a shortage. With [hireEZ’s Market Insights] I know what those hospitals are, I can see that Respiratory Therapists with 3 years of experience are starting to move now and 10% of them have left their jobs in the past 12 months. I can start building my roadmap to engage with them.”

From top companies to average market value, collaborative hiring teams can view what the available talent pool looks like and build customized reports to keep everyone from stakeholders to recruiters in the loop. 

After you’ve done this, the next step is getting internal communication up to speed.

Our @ Mentions capability does just that. Similar to mentioning people on Slack or Microsoft Teams, users can mention team members in notes. This is especially useful for:

1. Sending an additional reminder for a team member to look at a candidate

2. Highlighting a project, skillset, or experience that a team member should bring up during the interview   

The privacy setting on those notes also makes sure that only relevant team members to a specific project are seeing it. 

Beyond hireEZ users, we fully value keeping collaborative hiring teams connected. If a team finds a great candidate profile on hireEZ,  that profile can be easily shared to non-hireEZ users. 

Collaborative email outreach and visibility

There’s a few things that haunt hiring teams. Elusive purple squirrels. Incorrect contact information. Top talent not responding back. 

In fact, candidate engagement is the second biggest concern for talent professionals in 2021. 

By now, you’ve already attempted to get creative with outreach by leveraging personalized templates, and building sequences for automatic follow-ups. 

If you haven’t, here are free templates and sequence-building strategies you can try out.

We’ve helped users take their sequences a step further with email delegation. With this feature, users are able to send and reply to emails on behalf of other team members. This gives collaborative hiring teams a competitive edge by:

1. Responding on behalf of a team member if they’re out of office 

2. Helping candidates feel valued by receiving emails from team leaders, like talent managers or heads of talent. 

For some hireEZ users, email delegation has helped increase response rates by 40%. When you’re trying to secure an ideal candidate, email delegation can help make the difference between a hire or a missed opportunity.  

Real time performance dashboards and team metrics

It’s easy to be a few steps ahead of the main character of a horror movie (who arguably always makes the wrong decision). We catch noises and moving objects that clearly signal a red flag. 

Performance dashboards work in the same way. By removing you from the situation with an eagle-eye view of everything that’s going on, you can spot red flags that are easily missed when you’re hunkered down on a specific task.

hireEZ’s dashboards give you total visibility of your collaborative hiring team’s performance, including: 

Engagement metrics: open rates, click rates, response rates, the performance of sequence emails vs. single emails

Sourcing metrics: # of candidates added to projects, candidate qualification, diverse representation in your talent pipeline 

Project performance: # of candidates that were a fit, dropped off, interviewed, given an offer, and hired 

For instance, you may filter for underrepresented candidates “contacted” and those that “replied” to see if outreach messaging needs to be improved. You can even compare the sourcing performance of individual team members to see which members had the most candidates enter the interview and offer stage. If one team member is having an elevated amount of success, the whole team can leverage their strategies to improve their performance, as well. 

From horror movie to happy ending

Although the pandemic has physically separated many people, it forced all of us to find new ways to work together. As digitization trends upward, teams with the technology to elevate collaboration will be primed for hiring success short-term and long-term. 

With role flexibility, shareable insights, collaborative outreach, and real-time customizable performance dashboards, hireEZ’s collaboration suite is ready to help your team flip the traditional collaborative recruiting horror movie on its head.


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