hireEZ: Recruiting in the CRM world

Find out how to source passive candidates and uncover hidden talent in your ATS. Join hireEZ 2 webinar on June, 20th to discover how CRM transform your hiring process.
RecruitCon 2024 | hireEZ

Engage with industry leaders delivering fresh insights into the world of recruiting in 2024 and beyond. Discover the hottest tools and trends paving the way for recruitment excellence during this event.

8 Habits of an effective recruiter

Becoming an effective recruiter isn't about being born with a special set of skills. It's about developing strong habits and consistent strategies that result in quality hires.

I was invited to hireEZ's Outbound RecruitCon along with lots of other brilliant minds to hear about their vision for outbound recruiting... The killer event was pulled off by an incredible team.
— Maren Hogan
CEO of Red Branch Media
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