Why hireEZ?

Outbound Recruiting Made Easy
Outbound Recruiting Made Easy
hireEZ Connecting Jobs and People

The Paradigm Shift From Inbound to Outbound

Recruiters are more important than ever while recruiting is broken. The systems and strategies that recruiters use today were built to support a market that just doesn't exist anymore. Today there are more jobs than qualified candidates and recruiters need to be more proactive and strategic than ever.
hireEZ: The #1 AI-Powered Outbound Recruiting Platform
That's why we developed hireEZ, an AI-powered outbound recruitment platform to help you solve those problems and help jobs find people. With hireEZ, you can execute a strategically scalable approach to build your workforce of the future.
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Unleash Access to Untapped Talent Pools

Access to 800M+ candidates. AI helps you discover the previously hidden, hard-to-find and diverse candidates.
Get market insights and analytics to build data-driven and scalable sourcing and engagement strategies.
Maximize the value of your existing ATS database with the hireEZ EZ Rediscovery by deduplicating and enriching your existing profiles to build a seamless workflow for your hiring team and unlock the value of your existing database of candidates.

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Talent Market Insights
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Effective Outreach with Measurable Responses

Access email, phone number information and social media accounts for direct communication with candidates. AI-powered engagement campaigns bring ease-of-use and consistent results to you
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hireEZ EZ Enterprise Talent Move filter
Overall talent move data
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Insights :

Data-Driven Recruiting With Critical Benchmarking Insights

Develop strategic workforce plans and make informed decisions with industry-wide and competitor-specific benchmarking data and talent insights.
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Rediscovery :

Dedupe, Enrich and Rediscover Profiles in Your ATS

Maximize the value of your existing ATS database by deduplicating and enriching your existing profiles to build a seamless workflow for your hiring team and unlock the value of your existing database of candidates.
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Entterprise Ties EZ Integration by hireEZ
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Integration :

Seamlessly Integrated With Your Tech Stack

Offers powerful integrations with the tools you love most to bring out the most value from your tech stack with direct integrations with apps and API connections.
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Access a Centralized Workspace to Manage Your Recruiting Teams

Easily add or remove users to your team with admin, member and collaborator licenses.
Segment recruiting teams into different focus groups to accommodate current hiring needs (e.g. different locations to recruit) .
Access weekly performance metrics, oversee all projects and reassign ownership of projects.
hireEZ Project Activities Interface
Add Notes to Team hireEZ Share Project
Why hireEZ?
Traditional Recruiting

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Primary Audience
Designed for candidates
Puts recruiters in control
Engagement Volume
More restrictions on engagement volume
Fewer limitations on engagement volume
Engagement Channels
Relies on direct messaging via platforms
Recruiters can contact candidates directly using email, phone and text
Scalable Engagement
Manual, time-consuming and 1:1 communications
Scalable communications across broad candidate pools with intelligent engagement automation
Strategic Recruiting
Limited market insights
Data-driven to optimize recruiting strategies and outreach
Proactive Communications
Dependent on candidate interest
Recruiters are empowered to reach out
Access to the Entire Talent Pool
LinkedIn algorithms can reduce visibility into candidate profiles based on their activity
Access candidate profile information from multiple sources
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Resources to help you learn more about hireEZ.
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