Top 10 FREE Recruiting Resources in 2024

March 07, 2024 6 min read


Getting training to upskill as a recruiter can be expensive and time-consuming. While attending workshops and pursuing certifications can be valuable, not everyone has the time or support to invest in themselves this way.

The great news is that many avenues are available today for recruiters to gain valuable insights from experts and learn skills that will take them far in their careers, all without spending a dime or requiring lengthy time investments.

We're sharing ten online resources you can access right now that will help you elevate your recruiting expertise for FREE.

#1. Outbound Recruiting Academy

hireEZ's Outbound Recruiting Academy (ORA) is the ultimate hub for learning, empowerment, and achievement in the world of talent acquisition.  

Our mission is simple: to equip you with the essential skills and knowledge needed to thrive in the ever-evolving landscape of recruiting. ORA offers a diverse range of courses covering everything from sourcing to team collaboration. Whether you're a seasoned hireEZ user or new to the platform, our academy provides tailored content, including platform onboarding and advanced sourcing techniques.

Plus, with hireEZ Academy Achievements, tracking your progress is simple and fun! Join us at the Outbound Recruiting Academy and embark on a journey of growth, knowledge, and success.

#2. hireEZ's Community

Within our hireEZ Community, you'll discover a hub of passionate professionals just like you, all dedicated to shaping industries and making a difference in people's lives. Here, you'll have the opportunity to engage in insightful discussions, exchange best practices, and stay updated on the latest trends in recruitment. Whether you're looking to collaborate on innovative projects, seek advice, or simply celebrate your daily wins, this is the place to be. hireEZ users can join the community here. Everyone else can sign up for the wait list to join the fun soon!

#3. “This Week in Recruiting” Newsletter by Hung Lee

Looking to stay ahead in the fast-paced world of recruitment? Look no further than Hung Lee's LinkedIn newsletter, "This Week In Recruiting." Packed with insights and updates, this weekly newsletter is your go-to resource for all things talent industry-related. “This Week in Recruiting” offers a comprehensive roundup of the latest TA news and trends, from innovations in recruitment technology to employer branding and diversity & inclusion. Dive into “This Week in Recruiting” today.

#4. “For Recruiters By Recruiters” Newsletter

The “For Recruiters By Recruiters (F.R.B.R.)” Newsletter is a valuable resource for any talent acquisition professional looking to gain honest insights about the recruitment industry from a true industry expert. Written by our very own Shannon Pritchett, Director of Marketing at hireEZ, the “F.R.B.R.” Newsletter delivers fresh weekly perspectives on the trends and issues shaping our industry. You can expect Shannon's characteristically sharp commentary on topics like dealing with burnout, why “Top TA Influencers” lists are silly, and the importance of bringing a little TLC (tender love and care) to your role as a recruiter.

Subscribe to the F.R.B.R. Newsletter on LinkedIn.

#5. Booleans and Brews YouTube

Step up your recruitment game with Boolean AND Brews, a biweekly rendezvous where recruiters gather for unfiltered discussions on talent acquisition, sourcing, and the rollercoaster ride called life. Dive into “real talk” seasoned with a generous serving of humor as industry news is dissected, the mystique of Boolean strings is unraveled, and captivating conversations with industry experts unfold.

Whether you're seeking to master ingenious LinkedIn search hacks or craving a recap of the latest conference buzz, there's a little something for everyone. So, grab your favorite brew, cozy up, and join the camaraderie as recruiters come together to “Talk Story” and share a laugh.

#6. “High Performance Recruiting” Newsletter by Trent Cotton

Trent Cotton's LinkedIn Newsletter, "High Performance Recruiting," is a curated collection of insights, strategies, and best practices designed to help recruiters achieve peak performance in their roles. With a focus on actionable advice and practical tips, each edition of the newsletter provides subscribers with valuable resources to enhance their recruiting skills and drive results.

From optimizing sourcing techniques and streamlining the hiring process to cultivating a high-performance recruiting culture within organizations, "High Performance Recruiting" covers a wide range of topics essential for recruiters looking to excel in their careers. Subscribe to the “High Performance Recruiting” Newsletter today. And make sure to listen to Trent's episode of the speakEZ Podcast here!

#7. speakEZ Podcast

The speakEZ Podcast is your premier source of recruitment inspiration and knowledge. Hosted by the dynamic Dan Harten, our podcast presents candid discussions exploring the challenges, victories, and strategies that have defined our guests' extraordinary careers. From navigating the dynamic landscape of talent acquisition to mastering the art of leadership, the speakEZ Podcast is your compass in the fast-paced world of industry and recruitment. Tune in every Monday to access a wealth of information, tips, and actionable advice from the best in the business. Listen to the latest episode featuring Healthcare Sourcing now.

#8. Recruiter Therapy

"Recruiter Therapy," presented by hireEZ, was created to give recruiters a place to seek guidance, support, and solutions to the challenges they face in their roles – and to just vent. This series features candid, interactive discussions aimed at helping recruiters navigate the complexities of talent acquisition effectively.

From tackling sourcing dilemmas and improving candidate engagement to optimizing recruitment processes and fostering a positive candidate experience, "Recruiter Therapy" covers a wide range of topics relevant to recruiters at all levels of experience. With a focus on empathy, authenticity, and actionable advice, this series provides recruiters with the tools and insights they need to succeed in their roles and make a positive impact in their organizations. Sign up to join the next live session or watch the latest episode now.

#9. The “Elite Recruiter Podcast” with Benjamin Mena

Benjamin Mena's "Elite Recruiter Podcast" is a dynamic and insightful series that delves into the world of elite recruiting, featuring interviews with top-performing recruiters, industry experts, and thought leaders. Each episode offers listeners a behind-the-scenes look at the strategies, tactics, and mindsets that contribute to their success in the field. With discussions covering goals, visions for the future, and how to leverage success, the Elite Recruiter Podcast is your ultimate guide to unlocking your full potential as a recruiter.

#10. Three Free hireEZ Tools for Recruiters

What’s better than a free tool to streamline your workflow? Three free tools to streamline your workflow! hireEZ offers these three free tools designed to make your life easier:

Job Description Generator

Crafting compelling job descriptions just got easier with hireEZ's Job Description Generator! Say goodbye to writer's block and hello to professionally written job postings in minutes. Simply input your job title, key responsibilities, and desired qualifications, and let our tool do the rest. With customizable templates and expertly crafted language, you'll attract top talent effortlessly.

Boolean Builder

Unleash the power of Boolean search with hireEZ's Boolean Builder tool! Whether you're a sourcing pro or new to the game, this user-friendly tool makes creating complex search strings a breeze. Quickly refine your search criteria, fine-tune your sourcing strategy, and uncover hidden talent pools with ease. With advanced operators and real-time previews, finding the perfect candidate has never been simpler.

Recruiting Email GPT Generator

Streamline your candidate outreach with hireEZ's Recruiting Email GPT Generator! No more cookie-cutter emails. Start sending personalized, engaging messages that get noticed. Our AI-powered tool generates tailor-made email templates based on your candidate's profile and role requirements. From initial outreach to follow-ups, impress candidates with thoughtful communication that speaks to their unique skills and experiences.

We hope you found a couple of resources on this list that appeal to you. Our industry is always evolving, so we should be too. These are some excellent places to get started for any recruiter looking to level up their skills without forking over cold hard cash.


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