The talent acquisition software your university needs

Empower your education recruiting success with an AI Sourcing and recruitment CRM built to help you hire skilled teachers and reliable educators for even the most experienced roles.

Trusted for Education

Unparalleled access to education professionals

Looking for education professionals can be a struggle for recruiters. Overcome those challenges and strengthen your education recruiting reach with access to one billion candidate profiles.

Automate high-performing outreach campaigns

Customize your multi-channel, automated campaigns that span email, text and InMail reminders.
Personalize your messages with hireEZ’s Generative AI and track engagement performance to validate successful outreach.
Build data-driven education recruiting strategies with insights and analytics
Track your outreach performance in real time with customizable dashboards and reports that keep your education recruiting efforts on track. Create data-driven strategies with real-time insights into the talent market and your biggest competitors.
“We have had some recruiters 5x and 10x their response rates with hireEZ. 3x is a conservative number on the whole.”
Greg McKeown
Senior Director of Innovation and Customer Success at WilsonHCG
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