Published 17 November 2021
How Arkansas Children's Hospital Builds Pipelines for Future Roles With hireEZ
See how hireEZ helped Arkansas Children's Hospital source for hard-to-find healthcare candidates, military veterans and bilingual nurses.
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Arkansas Children’s Hospital was searching for a solution to help them increase efficiency when sourcing for large volumes of healthcare reqs. Healthcare recruiters face unique hiring challenges acquiring candidates for niche roles in an industry already riddled with a shortage of talent.

Arkansas Children’s Hospital uses hireEZ to proactively source across multiple open web recruitment channels and leverage AI-powered insights to map out long-term hiring roadmaps.

“The ease of being able to use it, the price on it, the ROI — it’s just a good product, it really is.”

George Cobb, Talent Sourcer at Arkansas Children’s Hospital

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1.Exploring More Recruitment Channels to Navigate Talent Shortages

George Cobb, Talent Sourcer at Arkansas Children’s Hospital, was looking for a candidate search solution that would give him flexibility to expand and explore talent pools. As the only solely dedicated hospital providing care for children in Arkansas, the hospital has a staff of more than 500 physicians, 200 residents and 4000 supporting staff. George needed a more efficient way to search across multiple open web platforms simultaneously to identify qualified candidates faster and acquire up-to-date profiles and contact information.

The hospital builds talent pipelines for extremely in-demand healthcare roles in Little Rock, Arkansas, such as bilingual nurses and operating room nurses. “The competition for Registered Nurse residents in Little Rock, Arkansas is brutal so we need to hook them early and stay engaged,” George says about his current strategy recruiting prospects to prevent shortage of a role in 2022.

With hireEZ’s AI Sourcing, George proactively sources for future roles to prepare the hospital for potential talent shortages and employee burnout.

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2.Staying on Top of Competitors and Market Trends

“Some think we’re going out there to push this magic button and we’re going to suddenly get all these applicants, but that’s not the way it works,” George says.

To overcome fierce employer competition in Little Rock, George has to know what his competitors are up to. To better understand where healthcare professionals around him are currently working, he leverages EZ Insights to identify trends within a talent pool for a particular role. Some patterns he would look out for within Market Insights include the top hospitals for a particular role, the number of professionals who changed jobs within a period of time, the average years of experience professionals had at a particular hospital or the density of talent in the area who spoke a different language or came from an underrepresented group.

From there, George breaks this data down and easily exports the information as reports to share with hiring managers. These findings help him align expectations for a more productive search by taking into account details such as the best locations and employers to target, the amount of time needed to nurture these candidates and how flexible they can be on requirements like skills and years of experience.

“Hospitals may have an abundance of Respiratory Therapists while we’re having a shortage so now with these insights I know what those hospitals are and I can see that Respiratory Therapists with 3 years of experience are starting to move now and 10% of them have left their jobs in the past 12 months, so I can start building my roadmap to engage with them,” George explained.

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3.Higher-Quality Touch Points with Automated Email Campaigns

George sources for medical, non-medical and high-level positions on hireEZ. With so many roles to build pipelines for and many of his prospects requiring long-term relationship-building to convert into candidates, George needed a tool to track and manage mass engagement campaigns with many touch points.

“I love sending out emails on hireEZ. It just took off and I use it every day,” he said. “This allows me to source a title, and directly send these candidates an email, and a few days later I know I already have another email scheduled with something new that I want to tell them about.”

The flexibility of editing and scheduling different touch points within a hireEZ email sequence lets George experiment and determine the most effective email outreach content.

“One of my favorites is ‘How many diapers do you think we use in a year at Arkansas Children’s Hospital?’. It’s helpful to easily drop emails like these in my sequence because I can work on something else and come back to these candidates later when responses trickle in after this touch point,” he says.

4.Serving Community with a Diverse and Inclusive Workforce

To better support and serve the community, the hospital also wanted to expand their search for executive roles so that it was more inclusive and representative of the diversity in Little Rock, Arkansas.

George found success using hireEZ to refine an existing executive search upon noticing a lack of diversity among candidates he was already engaging with. With hireEZ’s Diversity Sourcing, he was able to scale his search down to a smaller but more targeted pool of qualified candidates who came from underrepresented groups.

“I was just blown away because now I had all these new candidates that I didn’t have before because I wasn’t able to manually find them from all these different platforms, and now I had a whole new talent pool for this role,” he said.

5.Achieving Recruiting Objectives with hireEZ

hireEZ continues to incorporate new sourcing and engagement features to maintain the ease-of-use and flexibility that the Arkansas Children’s Hospital is looking for when building long-term hiring strategies for hard-to-find roles.

“From a sourcing perspective, when we put [hireEZ] against who we had, it didn’t even compare. We’re finding people a lot quicker and we’ve made some really good hires because of that,” George said.