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I rarely write testimonials but I believe that there is one organization and one product that is going to be a game changer for the search and staffing market and that is hireEZ.

Samantha Brandel Quest Groups LLC

From a senior partner, set in her ways, and a former LinkedIn user on a cult level, who said she didn’t need another tool…I gotta say, when I run the same search in hireEZ that I run in LinkedIn, I get 25% more potential candidates.

Danny Cahill Hobson Associates

hireEZ is a great tool, has more contacts than LinkedIn and is easier/quicker to set up email sequences than any email system I have seen. It’s a great tool and a must-have!

Brian Haugh Veridian National Search

I feel like the best part is that with their AI, there is a sense that the software is always working for us to generate more and better results…while we are sleeping!

Mike Ellis Global Talent Now

hireEZ is a great resource for sourcing, contacting and moving candidates through the recruiting pipeline. It is more user-friendly than LinkedIn, has a wider reach than LinkedIn (LinkedIn is just one of its candidate pools), and is less expensive than LinkedIn – what’s not to like about that!

David Felker The Carter Group

Currently, there is a boom in our market, which makes it crucial to find solutions and software that is going to separate yourself from your competition. hireEZ has been an important tool in helping us identify hard to find talent and provides their contact information that allows for a much faster outreach.

Chad Dean Integrated Management

hireEZ just overtook LinkedIn Recruiter in our SearchPath offices all over the globe as the GO-TO sourcing tool of 2021. And due to AI capabilities, it gets better and better!

Jon Bartos SearchPath

I’ve been using hireEZ for a few months now. We’ve seen a significant increase in response rates from candidates compared to LinkedIn InMail. Our response rate on LinkedIn never surpassed 22% but some of our hireEZ campaigns have reached 100%.

Deanna O’Connell Red Kite Recruiting

Of all the tools that my firm utilizes, hireEZ has by far been the most valuable! It has cut my sourcing and recruiting time in half. I can’t recommend hireEZ enough!

Nicole Avellina N8 Search Solutions

The key areas where it has impacted our business so far has been the ability to gain more information like email addresses and phone numbers, then being able to easily sync that information to our ATS.

Neal Hightower Schmidt Group

I can confidently state that hireEZ is on the frontier of data sourcing in the search business. We use hireEZ as the number one tool for sourcing.

Max McNamara Full Spectrum

hireEZ is an amazing product! This tool has changed the way we work and increased our revenue.

Bob Midoneck Velocity Search Group

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