Published 18 November 2021
How hireEZ's Talent Data Cloud Simplifies Hiring Data Migration and Management
hireEZ EZ Rediscovery simplifies hiring data migration and management. Find out how we help the IT consulting firm.
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How hireEZ’s EZ Rediscovery Simplifies Hiring Data Migration and Management

Solving problems with creative digital experiences is how an organization leads the IT consulting space while transforming partner organizations for over 25 years. It bridges disruptive technology and agile engineering with consulting and strategy to design customer-driven solutions with lasting impact on businesses across industries and the public sector.

With over 20,000 employees located in 53 offices around the globe, this is an organization that shapes client success with talent who embrace curiosity to innovate for a digital world and unlock business potential. Finding quality talent is crucial to its mission of empowering market leaders with answers to complex challenges, so hireEZ was introduced to provide higher volumes of qualified candidates to continuously fill talent pools for open roles.

“We’re looking for roles that a lot of other people are looking for. If you think of people as supply and demand, there’s not a lot of supply to meet the demand,” says Sara Wheeler, a Product Manager there. “These are growing skill sets, and certainly roles for emerging technologies are much harder to fill than a technology that’s been around the block for a period of time. That’s where hireEZ made a difference.”

Centralizing, migrating and updating talent data with hireEZ

Recruiters on the team are encouraged to source within their ATS first as the database often holds large numbers of candidates who were not a right fit when first applying but held potential for future openings. hireEZ’s bi-directional integration with their ATS set the tool apart from competitors as it supported their goal of maximizing internal databases for active hiring.

The integration goes beyond just sourcing candidates in hireEZ and moving them from a project to a specific ATS job. The team implemented hireEZ’s EZ Rediscovery, a two-way integration powered by AI that works to automatically refresh and enrich existing ATS data with fresh data pulled from open web platforms hireEZ partners with. “The use case is clear. You build this huge database in your ATS of qualified candidates and they can get lost, so [hireEZ’s EZ Rediscovery] helps refresh those profiles to ensure we have the most up-to-date information of all the candidates in there,” says Sara.

The integration also helped with the migration of candidate profiles and job data from their legacy ATS to a new vendor. Candidate profiles were moved into hireEZ for deduplication and were then refreshed and enriched with new information from the open web. Next, all profiles and data were mapped by hireEZ into their new ATS, allowing the team to deploy a new system complete with a clean and actionable set of data.

“hireEZ is light-years ahead of other sourcing vendors where there is no integration and someone would have to manually create a profile [in the ATS],” says Sara. “So we’re talking about two clicks versus having to type it out and put that data in which would probably take about seven minutes.”

Targeted sourcing at scale across large datasets

For any company that hires in-demand and hyper-specific technical roles, two major aspects are needed for scalable recruitment: access to a wide database of candidates and the capability to target searches with specificity across a wide dataset.

Before implementing hireEZ into its Talent Acquisition process, the recruiting team relied on partnerships with multiple talent sourcing websites to obtain a targeted database. hireEZ’s partnerships with open web platforms centralized different independent datasets into a single source of talent. This simplified how recruiters could proactively search for talent on a regular basis.

“There was a significant amount of websites that we were sourcing information from, and then there’s hireEZ that has over 40 partnerships,” says Sara. “Having all that data in one place is really beneficial. With hireEZ’s filters that are available within the search engine, you can find more qualified candidates based on a targeted dataset within a larger set of data put together through all of hireEZ’s partnerships.”

When evaluating other AI-driven talent sourcing solutions, hireEZ’s targeted searching capabilities came out on top. The team found success building searches for niche roles, such as a project for a Cloud Architect that was losing momentum because of an unqualified pool that could not be adequately refined for the right years of experience, expertise and necessary programming languages. “The volume of qualified candidates goes up as a result of that targeted searching capability. It’s not enough to find just one quality candidate right?” says Sara.

Committing to diverse and inclusive talent pools

hireEZ’s targeted searching includes advanced sourcing functions to help recruiters surface underrepresented talent who are often buried in professional networking sites or career platforms.

As a market-leading brand, our customer’s commitment to hiring underrepresented talent has been long embedded and championed in their recruitment process over the past two decades. As its talent sourcing partner, hireEZ’s search functions extend value to this commitment by giving their recruiters the opportunity to identify even more underrepresented profiles and increase the number of hires who come from minority groups.

“[hireEZ’s Diversity Sourcing] helps the recruiters because it is something that we put such heavy emphasis on as a company, and it was again another big way hireEZ was working in our favor,” says Joan Hair who is a Senior Associate of Talent Acquisition Operations.

Growing success through collaborative partnerships

As Sara, Joan and the rest of their team prepare to continue hiring growth, collaboration within the hiring team and with hireEZ will remain a top priority. By utilizing hireEZ’s Collaborator seats, hiring managers are introduced into the process to ensure that all members of the hiring team have visibility into the candidate qualification process and can play an active role right from the talent sourcing stage.

The team’s partnership with hireEZ will maintain an emphasis on active feedback between their operations managers and users with the tool’s account managers.

“hireEZ’s support model and account management sets [the product] apart from other sourcing vendors,” says Sara. “We appreciate the way hireEZ provides dedicated resources that are always available to us, and how the team is proactively making recommendations on how we can partner more with the product for aspects in a process that we can further improve.”

By working directly with users and decision-makers every step of the way, hireEZ sets customers up for success on the platform with custom workflows, solving team-specific problems and collecting suggestions to improve on existing features.