Published 15 November 2021
Amtec Inc. Drives Hiring Productivity by Engaging Quality Talent with hireEZ
hireEZ support Amtec Inc with high-quality candidates. Hence, Amtec get 80% more qualified candidates and increase placement fees by 28%.
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0% more qualified candidates

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Amtec Inc was looking for a solution to support their sourcing efforts for high-quality candidates in temp, temp-to-hire and direct hire roles. As a staffing agency, the Amtec team measures hiring efficiency by their ability to build out high-quality searches that drive more revenue to their organization. Amtec Inc. was able to increase placement fees by 28% with the quality of candidates delivered from hireEZ.

1.Building A More Productive Recruitment Workflow

Ryan Mann, Direct Hire Manager at Amtec Inc, is enthusiastic about maximizing the productivity of staffing companies through different tools and software. He has extensive experience working with different job boards, marketing platforms, contact-finding tools and recruiting software in his workflow. Ryan and his team were looking to add a recruiter-friendly solution that would not only help them source across more channels but also build an engagement workflow that could support the many candidates his team had to speak to on a weekly basis.

The ability to quickly build out robust email campaigns with freshly sourced candidates was an area where other tools he used fell short. “What I like about hireEZ is how quick and efficient it is. It’s a snappy workflow that lets me go from the 10 candidates that I like, to pushing them into a sequence, and then editing or rescheduling an email in that sequence, and the email insights are helpful as well” Ryan said.

With hireEZ’s AI Sourcing, Ryan is able to actively identify the right candidates to drop into multi-touch email campaigns. “We know we’re going to get candidates from a variety of places, and some places that we never would have gone otherwise,” he added.

2.A Flexible Email Marketing Solution

hireEZ’s email campaigns have allowed Ryan and his team to move away from rigid email marketing workflows that were not user-friendly for recruitment purposes. With hireEZ’s engagement suite, he could easily leverage AI to see if a candidate is already in another team member’s project or which candidates have been contacted recently. This lets Ryan and his team avoid duplicated engagement efforts and ensures that each candidate isn’t receiving too many emails from the team.

“Think of a content marketing tool, or marketing and email drip campaign platform, I would have to set up a rigid sales flow to funnel candidates into an email sequence. hireEZ is very, very recruiter-friendly in contrast, and it’s very quick to go from a project to sending out an email blast,” Ryan said.

hireEZ isn’t just an email outreach platform for candidates sourced within the platform. Ryan and his team could continue to boost candidate engagement productivity and response rates by importing lists of names and email addresses they had on hand. From there, they could funnel candidates into an engagement workflow that included both drip sequences and email tracking.

“The reports give me a good idea beyond just how my team is using hireEZ, but it lets me understand the psyche of my recruiters. I may see that one recruiter only messages 35% of candidates while one recruiter messages all of them, so now I know that one person would need to widen the gates a little bit while the other might need to take a better look at who he’s reaching out to,” Ryan added.

3.Smart Automation for A Better Client Experience

Ryan finds value in hireEZ’s automated email drip campaigns to ensure his candidates are always brought through the pipeline with a multi-touch sequence. He has found success using hireEZ to convert talent at the very end of sequences that keep running as he works on other priority requisitions.

“We once placed a $30,000 fee for a high-level utility manager and the candidate was someone we already had but we had forgotten about him. hireEZ’s automated reminders alerted us about the candidate and that made our reach out much more effective,” Ryan said.

Ryan and his team uses hireEZ’s automated sourcing and engagement workflows as a primary reach out tool to generate interest among high quality candidates. Unlike placements made through job boards, using hireEZ to build highly targeted campaigns has improved the quality of results sent back to his clients.

“Our average fee from hireEZ is 28% higher than our average fee elsewhere because of the type of candidates we’re able to find as we craft these campaigns,” Ryan said.

4.Proactive Recruitment As a Top Priority

In 2020, Ryan and his team were focused on securing and placing job orders to keep revenue streams going. In a pandemic-struck job market that was still uncertain, Amtec was not able to focus on being proactive for future needs.

The team now wants to proactively generate talent pipelines to elevate every recruiter on the team and help them be more specialized and focused in the roles they were recruiting for. “We have someone on our team who is going to recruit for property management companies, roles like building engineers and facilities management, and we’re going to use hireEZ to help team members like her generate pipelines before those job orders come in,” Ryan said.