Why Recruiters Need To Implement Outbound Recruiting Strategies in 2022

JANUARY 25, 2022 3 min read

If you read our previous blog on outbound recruiting, you might remember this portion:

“Over a decade ago, when there were more people available than jobs, it was easy to attract hundreds of applicants with a single job posting or an online message.

A decade later with more jobs than people, recruiters are doing the exact same thing.

If you’re posting jobs on LinkedIn and Indeed and sending talent InMails, you might as well not be recruiting.”

While this was an important reality check, it’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to outdated tactics and strategies employed by talent professionals.

For instance, we surveyed over 600 talent professionals about their most valuable resource outside of outbound recruiting tools in December 2021. The majority picked marketing platforms (email marketing, social media tools, etc…).

And therein lies the problem with today’s recruitment approach.

Marketing your organization and job openings to increase brand awareness and cast a wide net for more talent might seem like a smart idea, but it won’t work in a candidate-driven market.

In a candidate-driven market, job seekers are already getting flooded with marketing efforts from countless companies and talent professionals.

The solution to finding talent isn’t marketing to as many as possible. It’s proactively understanding what the market has to offer and searching for talent that aligns with the criteria you’re looking for.

Uncover what this data and search tactics look like

That’s what outbound recruiting is all about.

Another issue that outbound recruiting addresses? The candidate experience.

Ask most candidates about their recent experience in the market the past few years and the same things come up:

➡️ 60% of candidates drop out due to a lengthy application process

➡️ 69% say that the employer response time was too long

And the list goes on.

In a job-driven market, talent professionals may have been able to get away with a poor candidate experience when an influx of talent is coming in. Today, that’s no longer acceptable.

That’s why outbound recruiting strategies are centered around building relationships with talent, being a resource, and fostering a positive candidate experience.

Some of these strategies include:

  • Leveraging easily accessible candidate data to determine what’s important to each candidate and using it during outreach
  • Setting automated follow-ups so you stay top-of-mind for candidates and continue to seamlessly provide them with relevant content and updates
  • Establishing clear expectations with your team regarding communication channels, timelines, and beyond

Uncover the latest outbound engagement and candidate experience tactics

While there are many other reasons why outbound recruiting is necessary for today’s talent market, there’s one more reason we want to highlight.

It’s about data across the recruitment process. From data on the talent market to in-depth candidate information for personalized outreach to metrics on team performance, data visibility is crucial for process improvement and progress assessment.

What challenges arise when data is missing?

  • Recruiters waste time targeting talent that doesn’t fit their criteria or isn’t available in the market
  • Inaccurate assessments of talent hinder your ability to personalize outreach efforts effectively
  • Teams cannot spot how candidates are progressing through the hiring process, which engagement sequences are the most effective, and more

Ready to implement outbound recruiting strategies in 2022? Start here.


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