The Future of Recruiting is Here!

JANUARY 25, 2022 3 min read

The Future of Recruiting is Here! (Hint: What's "In" is Actually "Out")

Steven Jiang, CEO of hireEZ

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If you’ve been working in the talent acquisition industry within the past few years, you’ve probably experienced an unprecedented amount of pressure, long days and uncertainty.

With talent shortages and The Great Resignation, many recruiters are facing the daunting task of hiring hard-to-fill roles in a short amount of time and with tools that just haven’t kept up with this rapid pace of change.

That’s why we’re advocating that the industry changes how they fundamentally think about recruiting. For the past 20+ years, recruiters have largely relied on inbound recruiting – posting a job and hoping that the right candidate applies. 

But that just doesn’t work anymore in this tight labor market. 

Recruiters and companies need to shift from inbound to outbound recruiting or face being left behind in today’s struggle for top talent.

A Framework for the Outbound Recruiter’s Playbook

While developing and executing an effective outbound recruiting strategy is different for every organization, there are five key strategies to consider:

Strategy #1: Change your mindset from reactive to proactive

The foundation for adopting a successful outbound recruiting strategy is centered around changing your entire perspective. It’s all about moving from a reactive stance to a proactive, strategic and scalable approach. In the past, inbound recruiting strategies relied primarily on posting jobs to websites or job boards and hoping for the best. A successful outbound recruiter needs to think strategically about how they can find, engage and attract that talent. It’s all about crafting and executing a plan that can successfully bring jobs to the right people instead of waiting for people to find those jobs

Strategy #2: Use a data-driven approach to develop a strategic sourcing plan

Inbound recruiting largely relies on the old “post and pray” method. Today, outbound recruiters need to leverage market insights and analytics to build data-driven and scalable strategies. With EZ Insights, you can answer questions about where your target talent pool lives, job titles, average salary ranges, typical education profiles, frequency of job changes and level of experience. Armed with that information, you can develop more efficient and effective sourcing strategies and position your team as strategic advisors to hiring managers within your organization. 

Strategy #3: Go beyond traditional job boards and inbound recruiting platforms like LinkedIn to find candidates

The next step in developing an outbound recruiting strategy involves how you identify potential candidates and how you can discover the previously hidden and diverse candidates to build your workforce. Inbound recruiting typically relies on using siloed information from a handful of platforms. (Some platforms, like LinkedIn, actually make it hard to find candidates with algorithms that only promote candidates who are active on their platform. And, individuals who are the most active on LinkedIn typically only use the platform to search for jobs or sell goods and services to other users.)

In contrast, to execute a successful outbound strategy, recruiters need access to information from a vast pool of sources that go behind the typical talent pool that most recruiters are using. Platforms that are designed to support outbound recruiting also include information from GitHub, Twitter, Stack Overflow, Kaggle, Upwork, RateMDs, ZocDoc and more. 

Strategy #4: Find solutions that help you connect directly with candidates and scale engagement

Another tenet of outbound recruiting involves contacting candidates directly. With inbound recruiting, most teams are restricted to using the communication channels of specific platforms like LinkedIn. To execute a successful outbound recruiting strategy, you need to engage with candidates directly using their personal email and by phone.  

Being able to personalize and scale communications with candidates is also key. Successful inbound recruiting strategies employ a scalable approach to candidate engagement with email automation to build campaigns that convert in the long-run. 

Strategy #5: ATS integrations to update your database

Unlocking the power of your existing ATS is another key aspect of outbound recruiting. Using an inbound approach, most enterprise-level recruiters do source using their existing ATS, though that data can become outdated quickly. In contrast, to execute a successful outbound recruiting strategy, organizations should maximize the value of their existing ATS database by integrating with a platform that can help dedupe and enrich existing profiles with updated information to unlock the value of existing profiles.

The Future of Outbound Recruiting With hireEZ

If you have been feeling an insurmountable amount of pressure to hire hard-to-fill roles in one of the tightest labor markets in recent history, now is the time to make the switch from inbound to outbound recruiting. In just a few years, organizations who still rely on inbound recruiting will likely be left behind in this competitive market. In the coming months, we’ll be sharing more in-depth resources with you (including webinars, playbooks, blogs and videos) that will help you make the definitive change from inbound to outbound recruiting.

With our recent funding of $26 million led by Conductive Ventures, we plan to invest further in product innovation to broaden the virtually limitless possibilities of outbound recruiting. Please stay tuned for more updates as we broaden our product portfolio!

Join us and other leaders in the recruiting industry as we work together to finally make outbound recruiting easy and usher in the next generation of recruiting!


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