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JANUARY 25, 2022 3 min read

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The talent acquisition process can be challenging to source and hire consultants who can help clients solve specific business challenges. 

Unlike other positions that allow recruiters to easily search for specific titles and skills, there are many niche areas that great consultants specialize in. If you’re looking for a high-performing consultant, it’s important to build a sourcing strategy that is comprehensive and doesn’t limit the scope of your search toward a specific set of keywords or experiences. 

Here are our tips to using hireEZ effectively so you can enlarge your talent pool and hire consultants online efficiently without compromising quality. 

Recruit and Hire Consultants Online with hireEZ

Research Your Consultant Talent Pool

  • 1. Adjust your expectations according to market data
  • 2. Analyze what your competitors are doing
  • 3. Understand your diverse talent pool

Adjust your expectations according to market data 📊

With hireEZ’s Market Insights, you can learn specific industry patterns to help you hire consultants online in the United States and filter. You can easily filter those insights by location or a specific industry or niche you would like your consultant to specialize in. You can also list certain titles to narrow down the talent pool.

By narrowing down your talent pool to a particular location, state, or city, you can have a better idea of the size of your talent market in those locations and build a strategy accordingly. hireEZ’s Market Insights also shows you how many candidates have changed jobs in the past 6 to 12 months. This will help you pinpoint current candidate behavior and you may alter your search to different locations that show less turnover. 

From there, you can check our market data results for the top titles, skills, companies, and industries and apply those keywords to your AI sourcing task. For instance, you may add branches of Management Consultant to the Job Title fields when sourcing if that shows up as a top title in a particular location. You may also include Marketing and Financial Services as industry keywords in your search if those skills emerge as the most popular in your market research.

You can also use the data from the top company section to review your list of targeted companies and depict the percentage of self-employed consultants in the market.

Analyze what competitors are doing 💪🏽 

Another way to better understand the consulting industry is by viewing the current status of a specified role in a competing company. All you need to do is add a company name to the Market Insights filters to analyze how your competitors choose to hire consultants online.
💡 Pro Tip

Using the company size and percentage of the employees who changed jobs in the past  6 to 12 months, you can decide whether it is a good time to connect with candidates from this company.

Market Insights may also show you where your competitors are looking for candidates. In other words, this is your chance to tap into their potential talent pool for a role.

Let’s take a Solution Architect position at Deloitte as an example. If there are 24.02% candidates employed by that company while others came from IBM Global Services, Tata Consultancy Services, Infosys, and other related organizations in the industry, you may use this information to expand your list of targeted companies.

The Average Market Value section is another great way to get a general understanding of the income and demand of candidates who come from those companies. Share this data with your hiring manager to refine the salary and benefits packages that you may offer for candidates for the role.

Understand your diverse talent pool 🤝

Now more than ever, organizations must create an inclusive atmosphere for their employees. It is especially significant when you hire consultants as such an environment requires close collaboration and frequent communication with clients with very different backgrounds who are working to solve challenges in a high-pressure environment.

You want to make sure that your team of consultants represents the people that you’re working with all over the world, and are able to communicate effectively without bias and understand the needs of a broad and diverse audience. 

However, it is not always easy for recruiters to stay on the pulse of an underrepresented talent pool. According to hireEZ’s 2021 Recruitment Outlook Report, almost 50% of recruiters say that a lack of insight on diverse candidates is the biggest obstacle to hiring more talent from underrepresented groups.

Using Market Insights, you can use the percentages of each underrepresented group in your pool to build specific sourcing game plans for those candidates based on the industry data you’re seeing. This approach will help recruiters make data-driven decisions to better understand the locations they should target, better job titles to offer, and potential pay increases to achieve workplace equality across all minority groups in your company.  


Build a Sourcing Task for Consultants

After conducting your market research, the next step is to take those insights and leverage them in your sourcing task to effectively hire consultants online. Here are some best practices to widening the scope of your search while buckling down on specific criteria to get you the most relevant and holistic results.

  • 1. Switch between job titles and mandatory skills
  • 2. Add lists of target companies and industries in the search
  • 3. Start sourcing with hireEZ’s Tech and Scholar Search

Switch between job titles and mandatory skills 🔎

As mentioned above, candidates for consulting roles can come from a wide array of backgrounds and possess distinct skills. In this case, when you start a new sourcing task, try to utilize our Skills filters if a search based on job titles shows limited results. 

For instance, if you are looking for Management Consultant candidates, instead of putting “Management Consultant” in our Job Title tab, add ”Management Consulting” to our mandatory skills list while keeping the rest of your other filters the same.

You will notice that your talent pool has expanded to include candidates with related experiences but don’t have a job title you would usually expect. With many consultants working as freelancers, this would be beneficial in your search to find the exact consulting specialization required.

Furthermore, consultants can offer a variety of services so it will be important to be very specific with the kind of consulting required for the role. Candidates may be experts in advising, mentoring, or coaching — all of which may alter your business relationship. Luckily, hireEZ’s sourcing solution is flexible enough to let you specify all this information into your sourcing task. 

💡 Pro Tip

Easily replicate and save a past successful search so you can build on an ideal candidate persona you’ve sourced before.

Add lists of target companies and industries in the search 🏢

Targeting companies are essential for recruiters in the consulting industry. This is because consultants may switch between companies, consulting firms, and industries frequently.

You might want to start off your search by looking at top consulting organizations in the field as employees from these companies are more likely to have experience with larger projects. You can also then build a search based on keywords and experiences from those employee profiles to look beyond big consulting firms and narrow down on freelancers or smaller niche businesses. 

When it seems like anyone and everyone knows a consultant, creating a company list will help you hire a trustworthy and professional candidate with related experience. Similarly, this list will help you find key references who can vouch for the candidate.

Start sourcing with hireEZ’s Tech and Scholar Search 📓

If there are roles that require tech-specific expertise or candidates with strong academic backgrounds, start your search with our Tech Sourcing or Scholar Sourcing filters to limit open web platforms in your search to only professional sites related to that expertise. hireEZ’s Tech Sourcing tab limits searches to technical platforms like GitHub and Stack Overflow while Scholar Sourcing limits your search to resources like Google Scholar and ResearchGate.

Expand on your search query by filling out your desired qualifications such as technical expertise, publication topics, or even community coding activities and impact levels. 

The best part about sourcing with hireEZ is you get to mix and match different advanced filters until you find something that best encompasses what you’re looking for. You can proceed to edit the Mandatory Skills field or even specify a search for diverse talent on top of your consultant sourcing project. 

What are you waiting for?

With access to hireEZ’s AI Sourcing features and easy-to-use filters, recruiting and hire consultants online doesn’t have to take up all your time. Begin sourcing now with the tips above or contact our sales team to get started with hireEZ.


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