hireEZ Event Recap: Unleashing the Future of Recruiting with Cielo

June 02, 2022 3 min read

“hireEZ has been a one-stop-shop for our teams and provides excellent solutions that drive outcomes.”— Erin Perry, Sr. Vice President, Solution Design and Implementation, and Amy Gannon, Director of Global Operations, from Cielo. 

hireEZ was honored to have Cielo represent us at UNLEASH America last week to discuss the powerful combination of outbound recruiting and RPOs and how Cielo achieves better results for their clients with AI-powered recruitment solutions

About Cielo

Cielo is the world’s leading strategic Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) partner, dedicated to ensuring clients attract and hire better talent faster, all while providing a world-class candidate experience. Cielo is a people business; people hire Cielo to hire people. 

In today’s candidate-driven market, recruitment has become more complex than ever. Cielo has been looking for ways to make things easier for their recruitment teams to find the best talent for their clients. Cielo decided to partner with hireEZ because it is an easy, effective and enjoyable solution.  

How do hireEZ (outbound recruiting) and Cielo (RPO) work together?

“We love technology, but we think of it a little bit differently. It is more about the high-touch engagement experience that technology can provide for our teams and our clients.” — the Cielo Team. 

hireEZ is the technology Cielo is talking about. Beyond championing hireEZ’s proactive approach of finding talent with outbound recruiting, Cielo’s talent acquisition team is able to conduct market research, leverage intelligent and targeted talent searches and build candidate relationships through engagement to succeed in their outbound recruiting efforts. 

Cielo has many recruiters in their company to support their clients’ needs for talent. With hireEZ, Cielo’s recruiters can make the most informed hiring decisions, help clients shorten the hiring cycle and drive overall talent acquisition costs down. The result? An easier hiring process with greater hiring success. 

Here are the hireEZ solutions Cielo was excited to discuss: 

EZ Sourcing 

After refining the candidate persona with hiring managers, Cielo sourcers leverage EZ Sourcing to find the best-fit talent profiles for their clients from 45+ platforms with 30+ AI filters. Cielo also utilizes EZ Sourcing’s diversity filters to search for underrepresented talent and ensure their clients are taking steps to build a more diverse and inclusive workplace. 

EZ Insights 

Based on the candidate persona developed with the hiring managers during intake meetings, Cielo’s recruiters leverage EZ Insights to cover these common questions: 

  1. How can a search be improved? 
  2. How much available talent is out there in the market?
  3. Where are the talent we’re looking for located? 
  4. How do our clients’ diversity progress stack up against the competition?


Before reaching out to candidates, Cielo’s recruiters are already looking at these statistics and metrics to help their clients make data-driven decisions, making the process more effective and accurate. 

EZ Engagement 

Cielo is dedicated to helping their clients attract and hire talent faster, but they are also committed to providing a world-class candidate experience. With EZ Engagement, teams are able to set up automated email sequences to outreach and nurture their candidates for their clients. 

While setting up email sequences to follow up with passive candidates, recruiters track their email performances with data and metrics to improve future outreach. 

Cielo has supported their recruiting efforts with hireEZ’s built-in solutions and we’re grateful to support Cielo’s mission and client needs. hireEZ is thankful to have tremendous support from the community. If you missed us at UNLEASH America, we look forward to seeing you at Recruit DC


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