The Recruitment Revolution Has Begun

September 05, 2023 4 min read

Written by Former Recruiter Shannon Pritchett

Boolean used to be my fix, my daily dose of anticipation. Every sunrise, I craved my hit, yearning for that perfect string – the one that would unveil the most remarkable candidates. 

My fingers would dance across the keyboard, crafting a symphony of keywords. With bated breath, I'd press enter, and in an instant, a cascade of search results would appear, a surge of dopamine racing through me. I was ensnared, entangled in the web of Boolean's allure. The more I delved into its intricacies, the more I was entrapped.

Being a Sourcer was an exhilarating journey. Oh, the adventures we shared, the tales to tell! Boolean paved my path here, to this moment, to these words. The writing on the wall was always there, a silent omen of change that I could no longer ignore.

Sourcing, as we knew it, is no longer what it used to be. The landscape of recruiting has undergone a transformation, a metamorphosis. Boolean once convinced us that our survival hinged on its mastery. It dictated that we must wield it with precision, that it was the cornerstone of our strategy. We were made to believe that the essence of our existence as recruiters lay in our speed of candidate discovery.

But those days have faded, a distant memory now.

In today's recruiting realm, the race to uncover candidates has evolved into a race to engage them – swiftly, meaningfully, and personally.

Recruiting, an arena rife with elation and heartache, has weathered a tumultuous year. In an industry designed to help individuals find their footing, we've been buffeted by relentless waves of layoffs. If you're even slightly attuned to empathy, news of these layoffs cuts deep, piercing the very soul of those who dedicate themselves to our craft.

College degrees in recruiting are elusive, for this isn't a domain of formal education. It's a blend of intuition, experience, and instinct – where street smarts prevail. Recruiters are a tenacious breed, their loyalty unwavering, their ingenuity boundless. They stand resilient, poised to embrace the incoming tide of technology's advancements.

Sensationalist headlines peddle the notion that sourcing is dead, a notion bellowed by HR “influencers” for a decade past. But let me reassure you: sourcing thrives, and its pulse is strong. For those who may have missed the hullabaloo of the Boolean epidemic, this next chapter is yours to script.

We've all endured tremulous candidate experiences. Oddly enough, these experiences aren't inherently linked to sourcing itself. Yet, as our industry evolves, so too does the promise of improved candidate experiences. Recruiters are compelled to transmute into engagers, purveyors of nurturing and seamless communication. This shift will become their new drug of choice.

The recruiters who become virtuosos of engagement and responsiveness will become the headlines for global conferences. Their skill sets will encompass those of Email Marketers, armed with data and versed in analytics. They will be scientists, tirelessly A/B testing, learning, and mastering the art of magnetizing the most coveted talents.

Sourcing, once a manual endeavor, will be absorbed by automation. AI has entered the fray, and with a few keystrokes, unearths a trove of candidates. The arduous task has been mechanized, enhancing your recruiting experience. ChatGPT now lends its automation to your next move. Your role has eased, yet you persist, perpetually refining your engagement and communication finesse. You discard worn-out phrases like “I hope this email finds you well.” With a click, relationships flourish, and countless connections kindle.

But beware, for those recruiters who resist evolution, who cling to their antiquated ways – if you act like a robot, you will be replaced by one.

This juncture is a stirring epoch for our industry. Amidst the haze of uncertainty, one truth gleams unwavering – we're progressing. Growth hides the ugly, a past that was far from pretty. It's a time to be bold, learn, and embrace the unknown. Now, we unveil the depth of our engagement prowess, a trait intrinsic to us all along.

Should you need a nudge, consider perusing the array of free courses within the Outbound Recruiting Academy. We stand ready to aid your journey. Your triumphs will reshape our industry for the better.

And as for Boolean, let us relinquish it to the robots, for it's a task they could have mastered eons ago.


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