3 High Volume Hiring Tips for Your Startup and Small Business

June 20, 2022 4 min read

Small businesses and startups are incredible. 

Their potential for growth is immense and the risks they take in creating new products and services often revolutionize industries. 

Yet, time and again we’ve seen so many of those companies fail for one reason.

They are unable to build a workforce that can successfully execute their vision. 

Despite their high-volume hiring needs, there are significant challenges in play when recruiting for startups. 

Their talent acquisition “teams” are often comprised of one (maybe two) people tasked with overseeing the entire recruiting cycle for multiple roles. 

Not to mention
  • a lack of refined recruiting processes
  • competition from larger organizations
  • limited knowledge around the tools they might need
  • and restricted budgets for investing in those resources

create a never-ending loop of roadblocks for sustained growth.  

Whether you’re recruiting for a startup or small business, these three tips will help you overcome common pitfalls and stay on track to scale your business. 

Strengthen Your Ability to Collaborate 

With so much emphasis on finding viable candidates, it’s easy to overlook the surrounding processes that directly impact a startup’s ability to hire. 

One of these areas has to do with the intake, a process where recruiters and hiring managers discuss and align expectations regarding talent and timelines for a given role. 

Unfortunately, misalignment of expectations is a far too common occurrence. In a survey of 1800 hireEZ individual plan users, 85% cited not understanding a hiring manager’s requirements for a role.

Without this understanding, sourcers and recruiters risk:
  • Finding talent that doesn’t fit what the company needs
  • Wasting time and money on unnecessarily lengthy searches

With a clear communication gap existing between TA team members, there’s great value in an interface for seamless collaboration during the intake process. 

hireEZ provides that value with EZ Intake.
hireEZ email sequence
It provides a central location for
  • Outlining job requirements and aligning sourcing strategy with your hiring manager
  • Documenting pertinent job information within the hiring team
  • Parsing job descriptions to identify key skills for later searches

Source for Talent Beyond One Source 

Since your startup is likely unknown to most, it’s going to be extremely difficult getting consistent applications from job postings and career sites. 

After you’ve aligned with your hiring manager, it’s time to focus on searching directly for talent. 

If you thought about starting your search on LinkedIn, you’re not alone. In our latest survey of over 300 TA professionals, 94% reported using LinkedIn to source talent. That’s way too much competition for your team to handle. 

The solution? Investing in a platform that goes beyond one source and helps you target the talent you actually want to find. 

Under hireEZ, EZ Sourcing functionality comes equipped with 30+ AI filters that search over 800M+ profiles across 45+ open web platforms.
hireEZ EZ Sourcing Interface- Machine Learning Engineer
Not only does that mean access to more talent, but it also means greater search specificity based on:
  • Locations
  • Industries
  • Skills
  • Years of experience
  • Companies
And beyond.

Engage for a Greater Candidate Experience

Once you’ve found the candidates you want to engage with, startups need to focus on a few key areas to ensure they resonate with those individuals. 

Be Direct

Trying to message candidates on job boards will not cut it with so many others doing the same. Find a candidate’s personal email or phone number and reach out to them directly.

Be Informative

Since candidates likely know little about your organization, make sure you explain who you are and why you think those candidates will bring value during outreach. 

Take the time to research their background and show them you’ve done so. Do they have a portfolio with independent projects? Tell them you love their work and think it would translate well into the role you’re offering.  

Outreach with greater personalization has been shown to dramatically improve response rates from talent. 

Be Persistent 

Our data shows that candidates most often respond to a second or third email. 

screenshot of automated engagement email

If you’re thinking about how annoying it will be to manually set this up, you’re absolutely right. Instead, rely on an automated engagement workflow that integrates with your existing systems and provides a means to track engagement success. 

Ready to Scale Your Startup?

With these tips and supporting technology, there’s no doubt that small businesses and startups scale in the years to come. 

To discover how hireEZ is helping make this possible, learn more about hireEZ.



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