Dana Wilkins On Technology, Branding, and Networking

February 18, 2024 4 min read

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This week on the speakEZ Podcast, Dan chatted with Dana Wilkins, a senior recruiter and thought leader with over 15 years of experience recruiting in the worlds of IT and engineering.

Dana sheds light on technology’s impact on the recruiting landscape, how to build a strong employer and personal brand as a recruiter, her approach to texting candidates, and much more.

We’re spotlighting a few impactful insights from Dana and Dan’s conversation. Tune into the speakEZ Podcast to hear the full episode, and subscribe to never miss a new release!

How Technology Shapes the Future of Recruiting

Dana recalls the days of Y2K, where the tech boom fueled a surge in demand for IT professionals. Back then, recruitment tools were limited, with platforms like CareerBuilder and Monster just starting to gain traction. Recruiters relied on physical records like Rolodexes and paper resumes strewn across desks, a far cry from today’s streamlined electronic systems.

Fast forward to the present, and Dana finds herself in a digitized realm where every aspect of her work is seamlessly integrated into virtual platforms. Communication has evolved too, with methods like texting becoming an additional tool for interacting with candidates. The sheer ease of connecting with and sourcing candidates has revolutionized Dana’s approach, making her job not just efficient but remarkably effective.

But it’s not just about efficiency; it’s also about enhancing the candidate experience. Dana emphasizes the importance of personalized communication and empowering candidates throughout the process.

With tools like hireEZ’s AI-assisted autogenerated email sequences, she can streamline writing messages to candidates while providing them with more comprehensive information about open opportunities. This shift has not only improved response rates but also fostered a culture where candidates feel valued, leading to organic referrals and a stronger talent pool.

Dana’s journey through recruitment technology showcases how innovation has reshaped the landscape for recruiters, offering not just better tools but a paradigm shift in approach.

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The Importance of Strong Branding

Dana highlights a transition towards a more casual, conversational approach in recruiting today. Technology has helped foster a more informed candidate pool that seeks a deeper understanding of company culture and work dynamics.

Building a strong personal and employer brand is extremely valuable in the modern recruitment landscape. Dana discusses the importance of investing time in platforms like LinkedIn to showcase expertise and engage with industry trends.

By demonstrating diversity initiatives, sharing benefit details, and prioritizing effective onboarding, recruiters can help differentiate their company’s brand and attract top talent.

Re-engaging past candidates has also proven fruitful for Dana by helping to cultivate long-term relationships that can yield referrals and future opportunities.

Dana’s approach underscores the symbiotic relationship between technology, branding, and candidate engagement in modern recruiting. By adapting to these trends and leveraging the power of personal and employer branding, recruiters can navigate the evolving landscape with confidence, driving success and forging lasting connections along the way.

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Advice for Recruiters Looking for Work

Dana’s advice for recruiters navigating the challenging job market today is both pragmatic and encouraging. She emphasizes the importance of persistence and strategic networking, urging recruiters to practice what they preach to their candidates.

Making meaningful connections tailored to specific companies or industries is key– “don’t just spam out.” It’s about quality over quantity, identifying places of interest and individuals within those organizations, and diligently cultivating those relationships.

Dana encourages recruiters to embrace an “old school networking” mindset. The face-to-face interactions and exchange of business cards that characterized traditional networking events may have shifted to modernized approaches and virtual platforms, but the essence remains the same– building relationships. For Dana, success often hinges on the connections made along your career journey.

Ultimately, Dana’s message resonates with the truth that networking is a fundamental aspect of success in recruitment. Embracing persistence, strategic networking, and adaptability to modern platforms is critical for recruiters navigating today’s job market challenges.

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Thanks again to Dana Wilkins for sharing her insights with us. Tune in every Monday to the speakEZ Podcast for more engaging conversations with recruiting thought leaders.


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