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Finding a recruitment CRM that meets your needs shouldn't be so difficult.

But if you've talked to as many recruiters as we have, you'd know that traditional CRMs are seriously lacking in features and functionality that would actually make their lives easier.

Can you believe only 15% of recruiters would recommend their CRM to another company?[1] Why is that?

“For the most part, they're over-engineered or under-engineered. They're complicated, they're not easy to use, they're not intuitive,” says Chris Murdock, Co-Founder of IQTalent Partners.

Celinda Appleby, Director of TA COE at Visa, says “They're never fully integrated into your technology stack. So it's always like one additional click. So unless you're really regimented and routined and good about adding it they tend to fall off your routine process.”

We've heard these complaints time and time again from customers of traditional CRMs. That's why we created hireEZ 2 to address the many issues talent acquisition professionals face with existing platforms and fill these crucial gaps.

Let's break down some of the ways that hireEZ 2 solves these issues head-on.

Built For Ease of Use

Collaboration can get messy without user-friendly tools for organization and communication across teams. CRMs that are hard to learn and navigate make collaboration more difficult than it needs to be.

We understand the importance of streamlined organization and communication for a productive recruitment workflow. Functional collaboration is baked into the DNA of hireEZ 2.

With convenient integrations and features like Candidate Profiles and Projects, we've made it easy to stay on top of all your hiring activities.

Candidate Profiles

hireEZ's Candidate Profiles aggregate all the information and activities related to a specific candidate so you never lose track of their history with your organization. The candidate's profile even syncs activities from your ATS as well as from the most popular employment-focused social media site to unify your workflow and allow you to operate more efficiently from one easy-to-use platform.

Candidate Profiles offer a simple view into the projects a candidate is involved in, their contact information and resume, relevant engagement activities conducted by you or others in your organization, and more.

The information available to you in a candidate's profile helps you determine what your next course of action should be:

  • You may notice that a teammate recently contacted them, so it'd be best to wait before reaching out with another opportunity.
  • You might wonder what communication method the candidate is most likely to respond to. Seeing that they recently replied to your text campaign after ignoring your attempts to reach them via email helps you streamline your efforts to increase efficiency while having a greater chance at success.
  • Notes left by you or other recruiters on your team, like “Candidate would like to be reached out to again in 6 months,” give you more insight into how to approach candidates and align your opportunities with their goals and preferences.


The Projects page in hireEZ 2 delivers an overview of critical insights for all your projects so you can understand how your strategy is working and where you can still improve.

Actions you've taken on applicants in your ATS are automatically synced and updated in hireEZ so you can view all relevant information in one centralized location.

Projects needing attention are flagged with recommended actions to guide you toward better results.

Need to add more candidates to your pipeline? In just one click, you can review all prospects and applicants associated with that project to engage or move them forward in the hiring process.

Collaboration has never been easier than with hireEZ 2. Improve collaboration to boost productivity across your organization today.

Designed for Streamlined Workflows

It's no longer enough for CRMs to simply act as candidate databases with a few features to guide you in the right direction.

Today's recruiters need tools to streamline their workflow while allowing them to retain power over important decisions in the hiring process. hireEZ 2 makes this possible with features like Applicant Match and Full-Funnel Reporting.

Applicant Match

hireEZ's Applicant Match leverages advanced algorithms to determine which applicants imported directly from your ATS best match your requisition criteria.

We do this by analyzing the job description you provide and parsing through applicant resumes to find candidates who match what you're looking for.

Our proprietary algorithms provide concise, relevant insights based on the candidate's resume that help you quickly decide whether you'd like to move the candidate forward in the hiring process.

If you'd like to further narrow your search or add additional requirements not mentioned in the job description, you can easily modify your ideal candidate persona according to a wide range of customizable fields and requirements. This puts the power back in your hands to identify the types of applicants who you've determined are a good match for your organization.

Applicant Match simplifies the screening process so you can spend less time combing through resumes and more time building strong relationships with candidates.

Full-Funnel Reporting

Full-funnel reporting in hireEZ 2 allows you to effortlessly keep track of the entire hiring cycle for quicker data-driven decisions.

Our advanced algorithms sift through the complexities of your recruitment data, identifying essential insights and setting clear benchmarks along the way. Seamlessly integrating with hireEZ 2, full-funnel reporting aggregates ATS data for consistent pipeline analysis, ensuring you always have a comprehensive overview of your recruitment process at your fingertips.

You'll have a bird's-eye view of every step of the hiring cycle, making it easier than ever to spot bottlenecks and inefficiencies. With simplified data interpretation and automated report creation, you can easily analyze data for insightful conclusions without getting overwhelmed. Plus, our customizable reports allow you to tailor your analysis to focus on what matters most to you, whether it's team performance or hiring manager satisfaction.

Full-funnel reporting with hireEZ 2 gives you the clarity and confidence to make data-driven decisions without the unneeded complexity of traditional CRMs.

Streamline your workflow and start matching top talent today. Contact us to get started.

Hire Better with hireEZ

We built our CRM for recruiters by recruiters because we wanted to solve the issues our customers were experiencing with their existing CRMs. The result is a CRM that integrates seamlessly with your recruitment workflow, improves team collaboration, and helps you make smarter hiring decisions without the unnecessary complexity of traditional CRMs. Experience the next evolution in recruitment CRMs with hireEZ.

[1] Based on the qualitative research conducted towards TA and HR leaders by Aptitude Research in 2023 and 2024.


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