How hireEZ's CRM Empowers Greenhouse and Workday Users

February 08, 2024 4 min read

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For too long, talent acquisition teams have struggled with inefficient recruitment CRMs that boast a ton of features but lack in the areas that are needed most. With the launch of hireEZ 2, we are proud to fill this gap in the industry with a CRM built for recruiters, by recruiters.

Our powerful, new CRM includes seamless integrations so you can experience the benefits of meaningful insights, enhanced productivity, and advanced features your team actually wants no matter what ATS you use.

With so many integrations that hireEZ supports, we’re breaking down the reasons why hireEZ 2 is the right choice for you.

Let’s start by uncovering the advantages of hireEZ 2 for recruiters who use Greenhouse or Workday as their ATS.

hireEZ CRM for Greenhouse ATS

Data is the backbone of any successful recruitment strategy.

Your ATS houses a treasure trove of valuable hiring insights that have the potential to shape workforce planning, resource allocation, and improvements to your overall strategy.

But your existing CRM doesn’t do a good enough job of providing you with actionable intelligence so you can make data-driven decisions.

Enter hireEZ 2.

Full-Funnel Reporting in hireEZ 2 unlocks the data hidden within your Greenhouse ATS.

Easy-to-understand dashboards validate your recruitment efforts with quantifiable measures of your strategy’s effectiveness. From hiring team performance to hiring manager satisfaction and full-funnel conversion, identify metrics that tell the story of hiring success for your business.

Here are just a few of the ways hireEZ 2’s full-funnel reporting can drive impactful data-driven decisions:

  • View the health of your talent pipeline and create plans to support individual recruiters with insufficient candidates in each stage of the hiring funnel.
  • Identify bottlenecks in the hiring process and recruiters who do not meet important thresholds tied to conversion, diversity, or acceptance rate for process and performance improvement.
  • Highlight the sources and individual contributors bringing the most value to your talent acquisition efforts and reduce spend by eliminating low-value resources.
  • Determine the quality of candidates by observing the percentage of open requisitions with low interview-to-offer ratios.
  • Explore flexible views of your talent funnel to understand how different team members, sourcers, hiring managers, and more impact your hiring efficiency.
  • Filter data extensively to understand the ongoing impact of changes to your strategy.

hireEZ’s Greenhouse integration makes us the perfect partner to illuminate the insights that already exist in your ATS and deliver enhanced performance for your organization. Get started today!

hireEZ CRM for Workday ATS

Workday has become a ubiquitous part of the hiring process for job seekers and recruiters alike.

If only most users felt more positive about that fact.

Workday is still quite limited in its usefulness beyond simply storing and organizing candidate information.

Recruiters who use Workday know all too well how inefficient and ineffective the ATS is when it comes to reviewing potential candidates.

Gone are the days when sifting through large applicant pools one by one with just raw resumes and human judgment was sufficient. Today’s recruiters require tools that enable them to make the best decisions quickly.

Enter hireEZ 2.

Applicant Match in hireEZ 2 transforms the way recruiters screen applicants by empowering them to apply their judgment more swiftly and in a more informed way than ever before.

Leveraging artificial intelligence, hireEZ imports your applicant pool directly from Workday and determines which applicants may be a good match for your opportunity according to the job description you provide and the details of their resume.

hireEZ’s AI concisely summarizes the top relevant insights from the candidate’s resume to help you easily decide whether you should move them forward in the process.

If needed, you can further fine-tune your ideal candidate persona for each requisition by customizing a wide range of fields and requirements. In this way, hireEZ puts the power back in the hands of recruiters to identify the types of applicants who are truly a Best or Good Match.

Applicant Match gives recruiters control to facilitate a faster screening process, allowing them to spend more time on tasks that deliver greater value, like building stronger relationships by promptly responding to candidates about the status of their applications. Even candidates who are rejected today can become part of a steady pipeline of warm leads for future opportunities at your company.

hireEZ’s Workday integration means we’re the only choice for talent acquisition teams looking to increase recruiter productivity and significantly reduce time-to-hire. Contact us today and start hiring better.

Stay connected with us as we reveal more reasons and more ways to partner with hireEZ.


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