Recruiters HATE These 5 Things

March 14, 2024 4 min read


Who ever said that recruiting was easy? (No, really. Tell us who because we have some choice words for them…)

Recent years have certainly proven that recruiting is not for the faint of heart. Talent shortages, mass layoffs, and an ever-increasing load of requisitions are just the tip of the iceberg.

Online communities like r/recruiters and r/recruitinghell have become havens for recruiters to vent their daily frustrations. It is often a thankless job being a recruiter, with challenges coming from all directions, many of which are beyond the recruiter's control.

At hireEZ, we've walked in your shoes. We understand the hurdles you face. Today, let's delve into five common challenges recruiters encounter:

Bearing the Brunt

Recruiters often find themselves caught in the crossfire, taking blame from candidates and hiring managers alike.

While recruiters can influence the candidate experience to some extent, they're not always in the driver's seat. Our expert recruiting friends, Steve Levy and Paul DeBettignies, frequently discuss ways recruiters can shape candidate experiences on episodes of Recruiter Therapy.

However, there are aspects of the hiring process that remain beyond recruiters' control. For instance, despite their best efforts, recruiters may not always be able to provide rejected candidates with feedback. Sometimes, even recruiters are left in the dark about why certain candidates didn't make the cut.

On the hiring manager side, recruiters may get blamed for not delivering the desired talent pool even when the hiring manager's expectations for the role far exceed what they are willing to offer to potential candidates. Sometimes recruiting can feel like there's no winning.

Unrealistic Expectations from Hiring Managers

Recruiters often find themselves grappling with the unenviable task of meeting hiring managers' demands, which sometimes border on the fantastical. These demands can range from seeking out elusive “unicorn” candidates with a laundry list of qualifications to offering paltry wages for roles that require years of experience.

It's a tough balancing act for recruiters, trying to execute a refined hiring process while juggling high requisition loads and navigating the delicate dance of managing hiring managers' expectations. The struggle becomes even more pronounced when candidates, rightfully so, turn down offers that don't meet their needs, leaving recruiters caught in the middle of a challenging negotiation.

Unrealistic Expectations from Candidates

While recruiters empathize with candidates facing hurdles like outdated hiring processes and biases, they also encounter individuals with unrealistic expectations about the job market. Some candidates, despite lacking experience, demand salaries or benefits that far exceed their skill set or the industry standard. Others seek accommodations or flexibility that the organization simply cannot offer.

When these requests are met with rejection, recruiters often bear the brunt of candidates' frustrations, even though they lack decision-making authority in such matters. Managing expectations and fostering understanding on both sides can sometimes feel impossible in these situations.

Outdated Systems for Applying that Deter Candidates

Recruiters frequently face the frustrating reality of working with outdated systems that deter rather than attract top talent. Tools like Workday, while ubiquitous in many organizations, can be a significant pain point for candidates due to cumbersome application processes that require manual entry of resume details.

These outdated systems not only deter candidates but also hinder recruiters' ability to attract a wide pool of qualified applicants. Simplifying the application process not only makes life easier for candidates but also streamlines recruiters' workflows, allowing them to focus on what truly matters: finding the best talent for the job.

Tools/Tech that Don't Integrate with Their Workflow

Recruiters rarely get a say in the technology that makes up their recruitment tech stack, leading to various frustrations when it comes to adopting these tools into their workflow.

Recruitment CRMs, for example, often fall short of recruiters' expectations, particularly in terms of integration with other systems they may already be familiar with. This lack of integration adds unnecessary complexity to recruiters' processes, making adoption more difficult and impeding efficiency.

In a recent video, Celinda Appleby, Global Director of TA COE at Visa said, “They're [recruitment CRMs] never fully integrated into your technology stack…So unless you're really regimented and routined and good about adding it to it, they tend to fall off your routine process.”

If this hits close to home, check out our next-gen recruitment CRM, hireEZ 2. Built for recruiters, by recruiters.

Despite these frustrations, recruiters remain resilient in their pursuit of top talent. By advocating for updated systems, managing expectations transparently with both hiring managers and candidates, and fostering open communication, recruiters can navigate these challenges with grace and determination.

If you're looking to let off a little steam, consider signing up for Recruiter Therapy, our bi-weekly series where expert recruiters get candid about the issues you care about.


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