How to Build A Collaborative Recruiting Team

JANUARY 25, 2022 3 min read

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The concept of building a strong team is nothing new. A quick glance into sports history will prove that the most successful teams were those that worked together to reach a common goal. The same notion holds true with recruiting. While there are various responsibilities that a recruiting team must address, having individuals that work well together and support each other is much more productive than a group of individuals who are more focused on gaining individual recognition. A team that meshes well can successfully share ideas, trust one another, and celebrate achievements as a whole, all while providing a valuable service to their clients.

Following are six tips on how to build a collaborative recruiting team:

#1 Define Each Team Members Roles and Responsibilities

Team collaboration involves utilizing each team player’s individual strengths in order to accomplish the overall outcome. Each role can be thought of as the individual moving parts of a machine and when carried out successfully equate to a well-oiled engine. In order to do this, the team leader must be familiar with everyone’s individual talents so tasks can be assigned appropriately. Not only will this enhance productivity, it will motivate each player with a feeling of purpose, an opportunity to add value, and work together.

#2 Inspire Teamwork

Communication with your team is another key factor. As a leader, make a point of sharing what teamwork means to you. When new hires join the team, take this occasion to emphasize what your expectations are from the beginning. All too often, whether due to ego, lack of self-confidence, or insecurity, employees are more focused on outdoing co-workers in an effort to gain job stability. Consider weekly meetings where you reinforce what the current goal is and also update the team on the progress being made. This time also provides an opportunity for individuals to share their ideas and brainstorm on solutions to any problems.

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#3 Provide Measurable Expectations and Feedback

In order to keep the team focused and motivated, it’s important to provide tangible data on each team player. Lip service on expectations and pats on the back can be expressed all day long, but unless you have a way of measuring actions, achieving a deadline can be quickly derailed. For this reason, create trackable metrics that will provide a clear and concise picture of each person’s performance in relation to their assignment. Analytical data doesn’t lie,rather it is transparent and unbiased, and makes it possible to address and resolve issues. This type of accountability will help keep everyone focused and ensure your team is successful.


#4 Create a Supportive Environment

A strong team is made up of individuals who bring exceptional talent and meaningful experience to the table. As such, ensure there is ample opportunity for everyone to voice their ideas and opinions without fear or ridicule or repercussion. This type of conversation often results in innovative solutions.

 Conversely, don’t hesitate to create smaller groups within a team. Match up two or three individuals whose talents and knowledge can complement one another. This offers group members a chance to build stronger relationships and enhance cooperation.

#5 Be a Trustworthy and Reliable Leader

Ultimately, people want to be a part of something bigger than themselves. Just as you put trust in your team members, they are trusting you to be supportive of them, to guide them and help them grow without embarrassment or degradation, and to have their backs like they have yours. Bottom line, a great team leader communicates well, sets clear expectations, and follows through on promises.


#6 Encourage Interaction Outside of Work

Long gone are the days where people kept work and personal life completely separate. The fact is that it’s not possible to truly draw a line between the two. Some of the strongest, most cohesive work teams are those that make a point of spending time together outside of the office. These meetups should focus on common hobbies and interests, whether that means hiking together, having dinner after work on occasion, or organizing weekend retreats. Further, it’s a good idea to involve families as well. While “team-building” exercises during work hours can certainly prove beneficial, the stronger relationships are among team members, the more people will support one another personally and professionally.

 Finally, don’t forget to recognize the small steps towards reaching the larger goals. This can be done through an inspiring email to everyone or by recognizing the accomplishments of individual team members. These seemingly small gestures can truly rally a team towards more accomplishments. 

For more blogs and resources from Jonathan Kidder, visit WizardSourcer.


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