hireEZ + ATS

An efficient workflow between your ATS and hireEZ

For years, the ATS sat at the bottom of the funnel disconnected from your tech stack. Today, we’ve created an efficient workflow where all your talent data is centralized at the top.

How hireEZ and ATS Work Together

Push qualified, interested and available talent into your ATS

We specialize in finding and engaging talent across the open web. Once you find that talent, it’s easy to push them into your ATS to commence the interview process.

Enrich data in your ATS

Save time by enriching past ATS profiles and searching for applicants that match your open roles.

Solve efficiency issues with high-volume applicants

Reviewing applicants for high-volume roles doesn’t need to be time-consuming. Our Generative AI provides clear reasons for applicant match and insights to help you make informed decisions when screening applicants.
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