10 Powerful Recruiting Tools For Modern Recruitment Teams

JANUARY 25, 2022 3 min read


We have some good news and some bad news for modern recruitment teams. 

The good news: there’s an abundance of recruiting tools ready to help you overcome your team’s toughest challenges. 

These challenges include inefficient candidate searches, inconsistent candidate engagement, disorganized recruitment metrics, negative candidate experiences, and ineffective branding practices.

The bad news: there are way too many recruiting tools to choose from. 

To help you decide on the best fits for your tech stack, here are 10 recruiting tools that cover the essential functions for today’s recruitment teams. 

XOR Logo
With candidates scattered across the open web, modern recruitment teams are always looking for new ways to attract and qualify candidates across job boards, career sites, and other recruitment campaigns. 

XOR is a recruitment chatbot that teams can use to automate the early stages of their hiring process. From collecting candidate applications to screening candidates with customizable questions, this chatbot helps you build qualified talent pools that are primed for engagement. 

By spending less time manually building out your qualified candidate pool, your team can spend more time speaking with relevant candidates for open roles. XOR even automates scheduling, so your team doesn’t have to deal with the back-and-forth of setting up interviews. 

Visier Logo

For modern recruitment teams, there’s a lot of recruitment data available to track. However, not all of it will help your team gauge success before, during, and after the hiring process. Visier helps you keep track of the data that matters most to your team.

Across the recruitment process, Visier helps teams track of: 

💰 Team budgets for open and future roles

🎯 Timelines and targets for organizational growth

❌ Skills gaps in different departments 

📈 Engagement and productivity for new hires

And more.

With customizable dashboards and expert-driven analysis, Visier helps you collect actionable data for any aspect of the hiring process your team needs. 

hireEZ candidate sourcing in google

hireEZ offers a Chrome Extension to help recruiters seamlessly navigate candidate searches and engagement on the open web. 

Imagine how frustrating it feels to find a quality candidate, but not have access to their contact information. With an industry-leading 85% contact-finding rate, hireEZ’s Chrome Extension helps you uncover personal and professional contact information on open web profiles, like LinkedIn, Twitter, and more. 

If you found a candidate you like, you can even find talent similar to them based on skills and job titles through our Similar Candidates feature. Additionally, our Gmail integration allows recruiters to elevate their outreach with email reminders and sequences for follow-ups, templates for personalized engagement, and tracking features to see how your emails are performing. 

To learn more about hireEZ’s Chrome Extension and the rest of hireEZ’s pricing plans, check out this video.

Buffer Logo
According to hireEZ’s 2021 Recruitment Outlook Report, 49% of recruiters were looking to invest in social media and marketing in 2021. Social media is a growing component of how organizations and recruitment teams elevate brand awareness and strengthen candidate attraction. Still, it can be a tedious and time-consuming process trying to manage multiple weekly posts across multiple platforms. 

Whether it’s an employee story, an interactive poll, or a job post, Buffer’s Chrome Extension helps teams manage and post on their social media platforms with one click. With tedious posting tasks automated, your team will have more time for tackling the rest of their hiring responsibilities. 

DataPeople Logo

An underrated component of employer branding is a company’s job description. In addition to showcasing an employment opportunity, it lets candidates know about the potential values and culture of a company. Teams want to make sure that their descriptions properly spell out the qualifications necessary for a role and represent the company in the best possible light. 

Datapeople provides an augmented writing tool that helps teams create stronger job descriptions. Based on the industry and position, it provides insights for including essential qualifications and ensures that the writing is impactful and easy to understand. It also helps teams identify and remove non-inclusive language as they look to hire diverse talent and promote a culture of inclusivity. 

With a stronger job description, modern recruitment teams can attract more candidates even in the midst of talent scarcity and heavy competition. 

Bananatag logo

When teams are working on multiple projects at one time, internal communications can get really messy. BananaTag provides an intuitive and organized solution for helping teams communicate over email and commonly used direct messaging platforms. 

For instance, recruiters might design a weekly email template that’s sent to their hiring manager neatly displaying the latest candidate engagement metrics, interview notes, goal progress, and more. By integrating with their existing platforms and creating targeted outreach lists, teams will be able to communicate the right information with the right team members in a more organized and engaging manner. 

BananaTag also tracks internal communication metrics so team members can improve their content and communication experience.  

Text Recruit Logo

With 89% of job seekers using phones in their job hunting process and 73% of job seekers wanting to receive targeted offers over text, modern recruitment teams are finding ways to make themselves more accessible over the phone. One increasingly popular option is by communicating with talent through text messages. 

With TextRecruit, recruiters can text candidates they locate within their ATS or on open web platforms. Whether it’s introducing a new opportunity, setting up an interview, or collecting candidate feedback, TextRecruit helps recruiters engage with talent in a different way. 

Calendly Logo

For anyone working at home, you can relate to calendars filled with video meetings and blocks of time needed to complete daily tasks. When setting up a meeting with candidates and colleagues, scheduling usually requires some back and forth communication. 

In the fast-paced world of hiring, Calendly helps you remove efficiency roadblocks when booking meetings. All you have to do is set your availability preferences and candidates will be able to schedule meetings with ease. You can set reminders, follow-ups, and easily make changes if something comes up. 

SoGoSurvey Logo
Most recruitment teams are constantly trying to improve their candidate experience. Teams can solve this issue by sending out surveys to candidates. They can create comprehensive ones with SoGoSurvey to answer questions about response rates, recruiter performance, and anything else that might help you improve future experiences. 

In addition to candidate experience, your team can also use SoGoSurvey to gauge employee experience. For your team, you can determine things like the success of tool adoption, ease of team collaboration, workplace culture, and more through surveys. This tool will help ensure that your team is functioning at its best. 

hireEZ sourcing interface

Last but not least, hireEZ AI-driven recruitment platform delivers an all-in-one solution for some of your team’s biggest recruitment needs. 

Teams can leverage real-time candidate data to inform intake meetings and search strategies across  open web platforms. hireEZ also offers integrations with 30+ ATS/CRM to help teams refresh past candidate data and rediscover talent. With Outlook and Gmail integrations, recruitment teams can elevate their candidate engagement workflow with email scheduling, sequences, templates, insights, and delegation features. In addition, hireEZ provides recruiting reports, which gives teams complete visibility into performance across top-of-the-funnel recruitment.

Picking the right tools

Whether you’re looking to increase hiring efficiency, implement a smoother workflow, integrate with your existing tools, improve candidate and team communication, or something more, the tools we listed are ready to help. 

As the recruitment industry continues to evolve, there will always be new tools in the market to help teams achieve their goals. As a result, teams must communicate and keep track of which tools provide them the best values for their specific needs. 

If there’s a tool that you love on our list or one that we missed, we’d love to hear from you. 


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