The Staggering Stats Around Recruitment CRMs

March 01, 2024 4 min read

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Statistics are based on research conducted by Aptitude Research in partnership with hireEZ. Download the report to learn more.

When we heard that only 15% of recruiters would recommend their Recruitment CRM to another company, we knew we were making the right decision developing the first Recruitment CRM platform built for recruiters by recruiters.

We had heard from our customers for years that the existing Recruitment CRM market simply was not meeting their needs. That was enough to push us to action building a solution designed with recruiters in mind.

But even we were alarmed when we learned about the statistics surrounding Recruitment CRMs.

Here are a few stats that will make you rethink the role of a Recruitment CRM in your organization.

Only 15% of companies say their Recruitment CRM seamlessly integrates with sourcing

We know a thing or two about sourcing. And we're not shy about shouting out the impact it has in an effective recruitment strategy from the rooftops. That's why we designed our Recruitment CRM with seamless integration of all your sourcing activities.

Companies that integrate sourcing and Recruitment CRM in one solution are:

  • 2x more likely to improve quality of hire
  • 3x more likely to improve recruiter experience
  • 2x more likely to improve time-to-fill

The benefits speak for themselves. But the statistics around what contributors in different roles want out of their Recruitment CRM solution highlight a real disconnect.

In fact, only 31% of TA leaders and HR leaders want one solution for sourcing and Recruitment CRM. Compare that to 72% of recruiters who want one provider that offers seamless sourcing integration.

Recruiters know the advantages of having a unified workflow and how that translates to a better overall experience for them and for candidates. Our platform gives you the tools to find, engage, and maintain strong relationships with top talent all in one centralized location.

Only 32% of companies stated that recruiters are involved in TA technology decisions

That disconnect about what various contributors want out of their Recruitment CRM makes a lot more sense when you consider who is actually involved in TA technology decisions.

Despite being some of the primary users of TA technology, recruiters are too often left out of discussions influencing these investments. The rates of involvement for sourcers (12%) and specialists (20%) are even poorer.

This lack of inclusion in the decision-making process leads to a plethora of disjointed platforms in recruitment tech stacks and a variety of frustrations regarding Recruitment CRM implementation and adoption.

The top three frustrations recruiters cite about TA technology include:

  1. Lack of integration between systems (61% of recruiters)
  2. Challenges surrounding data management (27%)
  3. Poor or nonexistent support from vendors (26%)

The recruiter's experience is baked into the DNA of hireEZ 2. We've listened to recruiters' frustrations with their Recruitment CRMs and built an experience that drives efficiency, collaboration, and data-driven decision making.

Only one in four companies express high satisfaction with their Recruitment CRM providers

When you dive into the statistics surrounding traditional Recruitment CRMs, you begin to uncover the myriad of issues that plague recruitment teams.

Adoption is the biggest challenge companies face when investing in a Recruitment CRM, with only 14% stating that their recruitment teams are adopting these solutions once they invest. That's a huge investment to make for such low rates of adoption.

There are several possible explanations for this: For example, consider the lack of inclusion in the decision-making process we previously mentioned. Recruitment teams are reasonably skeptical and hesitant to adopt solutions that don't reflect their needs or integrate easily with their existing workflow.

There's also the issue of companies not supporting implementation, training, and change management after they invest in these platforms. One of the common complaints we hear about traditional Recruitment CRMs is that they're complicated and hard to use. Successful adoption requires a long-term commitment that involves comprehensive training, clear communication of benefits, and continuous support.

Finally, it's important to have pre-defined use cases before investing in a Recruitment CRM. Not having a pre-defined use case can lead to overinvestment in platforms with unnecessary features that go largely unused by your team.

This is highlighted by the fact that 2% of companies said that they are using all the functionality in these platforms. Do your team and your budget a favor by centering your investment on platforms with the features that are most crucial to your success.

We can help

If you are one in three companies looking to replace your Recruitment CRM this year, we'd love to chat and show you the benefits that a Recruitment CRM built for recruiters by recruiters can have on hiring at your organization.

With integrated sourcing, advanced analytics, and automation, hireEZ 2 delivers talent and drives acquisition. Get started today.


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