3 Simple Ways to Support Mental Health in the Workplace

JANUARY 25, 2022 3 min read

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“Great businesses thrive with great people. If people working in our company aren’t happy, how can we give happiness to others? This is why mental health is crucial.”  – hireEZ CEO Steven Jiang

Whether it’s burnout from remote work, stress from impending deadlines, or anxiety towards post-pandemic work life, there are countless reasons for the worsening of mental health in the workplace. Although these feelings may seem impossible to overcome, hireEZ believes that we can accomplish anything together. 

Here are some ways that we’re addressing employee mental health at hireEZ. We hope that these strategies help employers everywhere recognize and address mental health in their workplace, as well. 

Allow employees to take a break

To help combat feelings like anxiety, stress, and panic, our employees are encouraged to take mental breaks.

Some of our employees like to close their eyes and meditate between tasks. Some take a few minutes each workday to step outside for a change of scenery. Others watch their favorite funny video when they’re feeling stressed out. 

In our fast-paced world of business, breaks like these give employees a chance to reflect, reset and tend to any mental obstacles they are facing. 

Employers should take a similar approach and allow their employees the chance to take small breaks during work. By doing so, it can help employees stay positive and productive long-term.

Prioritize employee communication 

hireEZ believes that the best way to improve employee mental health is by working together. However, it’s difficult to work together when there’s a lack of consistent communication in the workplace.  

As Steven explains, “A lack of communication is a major cause of frustration and anxiety, especially as we currently work from home. It is through trust that we create an environment where people can communicate openly and rely on one another.” 

Whether it’s over email, direct message, or somewhere else, every employer should make sure that they communicate with employees. Within established communication channels, employees should feel safe and comfortable voicing their concerns about anything that impacts their mental health. 

To reach this level of comfortability, employees must trust that their employers are invested in listening to them. Here are some steps employers can take to work towards that level of trust: 

💻 Set up a dedicated channel of communication with employees that can be used to discuss any concerns, obstacles, or issues they are facing. If it helps them feel more comfortable, employees should be able to anonymize themselves during these discussions. 

✍️ Invest in mental health assessment tools that can help you gauge the mental health of your workforce. With these insights, organizations can determine where improvements need to be made to better address and improve mental health in the workplace. 

🤝 Consistently distribute mental health resources to all employees so they have easy and direct access to them. 

Show gratitude and appreciation

Oftentimes, we can be our toughest critics. When we are too hard on ourselves, we run the risk of negatively impacting our mental health

Employers should strive to create a culture where employees are recognized for how far they have come, whether that’s as a professional or a person. If they’ve successfully finished a project, learned a new skill, or took the time to make a new hire feel welcome, let them know you appreciate how they have made an impact. 

hireEZ is making efforts to recognize our employees with a newly implemented Kudos Program. It’s a way that employees can celebrate each other’s accomplishments and efforts during company meetings. By doing so, we’re creating a culture that recognizes our employees and shows gratitude for the contributions they make to our success.

These steps and more will let employees know that you’re invested in both transparent communication and their mental health. 

Stay hopeful

While no one knows what’s in store for the rest of 2021, hireEZ remains hopeful. With widespread vaccine distribution, overall decreases in unemployment, and more, we believe that circumstances are trending upwards. In the meantime, it’s important that employers continue to monitor employee mental health moving forward. 

To learn more about mental health and resources for getting help, click here.


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