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February 08, 2024 5 min read


On this week’s episode of the speakEZ Podcast, Dan sat down with Junius Currier, Director of Talent Acquisition and Sourcing Operations at Maximus.

Junius walks us through his non-traditional entry into the world of recruiting and his path to TA leadership at Maximus, where he currently supports the organization’s I.T. segment through work with multiple teams focused on sourcing and full-lifecycle recruitment.

Junius’s insights provided some valuable takeaways into what it means to be a servant leader, why saying “No” can be the start of a fruitful relationship, the power of certifications, and more. We’ve highlighted just a few of those takeaways in this blog.

Listen to Junius’ episode of the speakEZ Podcast with Dan Harten to hear the full conversation.

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How to Become an Expert Sourcer

One question Junius gets asked all the time is, “How do you know so much about sourcing?”

His answer: “I just researched it.”

Though it may sound simple, that’s exactly what he did. Using his “Google machine”, Junius sought out recruiting thought leaders on social media, watched instructional videos on YouTube, and attended free webinars any chance he got. Eventually, through his proven commitment to learning, Junius earned the right to attend paid training sessions sponsored by his employer.

In terms of major influences on Junius’ recruiting career, he mentions individuals like Steve Levy, Pete Radloff, Trish Wyderka, and Derek Zeller. These influencers played pivotal roles in guiding Junius, offering support, encouragement, and sharing insights that contributed to his success in cleared recruiting.

His advice to those just starting in their recruitment careers is simple: “Get plugged in.” Engage with the recruitment community and thought leaders on platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. For Junius, networking and building relationships within the community have been equally as crucial to his success as gaining certifications.

Not sure where to find a supportive recruiting community? You just found one.

The Power of Certifications

Junius emphasizes the impact that certifications have had on his career, considering them as foundational knowledge that serves as a solid base for continuous learning and development. He acknowledges that certifications can provide you with a level of industry respect and credentials that carry a certain gravitas.

In his leadership role, Junius continues to leverage his certifications, now mostly for training and development within his team. He highlights the practical application of his certified knowledge, like having a “bag of tricks” to draw from when he needs to help support recruitment efforts. This underlines the ongoing relevance of certifications, even in the advanced stages of one’s career.

For individuals aspiring to excel in the recruitment field, Junius strongly advocates for certifications. Having certifications not only builds one’s knowledge base but also adds a professional touch to a resume, making it a valuable asset for those seeking positions or career advancement in the recruitment industry.

We’ve helped hundreds of recruiters get certified through Outbound Recruitment Academy. We can help you too.

What It Takes to Succeed as a Recruiter

What three characteristics does Junius think a recruiter needs to be successful in 2024?

  1. Curiosity

    : Having a research mindset is critical to being a successful recruiter today. Being naturally inquisitive and hungry to learn is, for Junius, a prerequisite to being considered for placement on his team.
  2. Friendliness

    : Even if you’re not an extrovert, recruiters need to be able to “put it on” and have a willingness to talk to people you don’t know and be authentic.
  3. Drive

    : The determination and discipline to do what’s needed to achieve your goals and reach that next step of your career, especially when you don’t want to do those things, is what separates the truly successful recruiters from the rest.

Automation is Our Ally

Automation has been a game-changer for recruiters. Understanding why is central to reaping the benefits for your organization.

Junius points out the people-centric nature of our profession and how automation serves as a valuable ally allowing recruiters to maintain meaningful relationships with candidates.

Automation isn’t about removing the personal touch from recruiting but amplifying it. With features like message analytics, recruiters gain insights into the effectiveness of their communication strategies. Whether through voicemail drops, text messaging campaigns, or email drip campaigns, automation serves as a force multiplier when executed effectively.

The true magic happens when automation enables recruiters to focus on what truly matters: engaging in conversations with candidates. It becomes a support system, freeing up time for recruiters and sourcers to have meaningful dialogues once a connection is established.

Junius emphasizes that, for more senior and C-suite roles, the human touch is irreplaceable. People, especially when making life-changing decisions, still crave interactions with fellow humans, and no amount of artificial intelligence can substitute that authenticity.

Instant Insights

  • Favorite tool you can’t live without?
    • “My brain.”
  • Most Impactful Book for Your Career?
    • The Full Stack Recruiter by Jan Tegze
  • Best Interview Question?
    • What is it that you’re looking for in your next position that you don’t currently have in your current position?

Closing Thoughts

In his closing thoughts, Junius leaves us with this bit of advice: “Keep learning.” Even in an atmosphere of uncertainty in our industry, Junius urges professionals to continue investing in self-improvement through acquiring new skills and staying attuned to the evolving landscape of talent acquisition.

He also talks about the significance of aligning one’s work with the organization’s broader objectives, emphasizing that understanding and communicating this connection is pivotal in showcasing the value of talent acquisition and sourcing. “I always tie my efforts, the teams that I manage, their efforts, the results, to how it helps to advance the goals for the organization.”

Junius’s advice is a roadmap for the next year – one that involves building continuous learning into your routine, understanding your workflow, and actively engaging in conversations about how your contributions help drive the goals of the larger organization. It’s a reminder that in a rapidly changing landscape, adaptability, learning, and strategic alignment are the keys to success.


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