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hireEZ provides the solution as a comprehensive outbound recruiting platform. Discover why enterprises and recruiters are hire smarter and faster with us.
Why Outbound Recruiting?
Search across 800M+ diverse candidate profiles
Engage the right talent with 87% contact-finding rate
Access candidates from 45+ open web platforms
Searching the right talent with 80% qualify rate
30+ ATS Integrations for seamless workflow
Sourcing talent with 290+ programming languages
Better Quality icon BETTER Talent Quality

Search and Identify High Quality Talent

Intelligently search across 800M+ diverse candidate profiles and identify hiring trends in the market for data-backed hiring plans that align with business objectives and goals.
candidate profiles
open web platforms
advanced AI filters
Find High Quality Talent
Faster icon FASTER Engagement

Boost Engagement and Team Collaboration

Streamline engagement with automated scheduling and email campaigns and collaborate with team members to align communication and accelerate hiring.
qualify rate
candidate contact-finding rate
recipients at a time
Boost Candidate Engagement
hireEZ ATS integration
Stronger icon STRONGER ATS Sync

Integrate and Refresh Your ATS/CRM

Supercharge your HR tech ecosystem and rediscover talent that already exists in your Applicant Tracking System with the latest enriched data.
Talent in ATS
Secure and
Compliant Data
Stronger ATS/CRM Integration
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Latest Resources
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Introducing the Outbound Recruiting Academy!
With courses spanning the entire recruiting cycle, gain all the core skills and fundamentals you need to grow and succeed as a TA professional.
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SourceCon 2022 Recap: DE&I Gets Personal and Rethinking Engagement
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Interview Questions That Get Candidates To Open Up
In need of strategic interview questions to ask candidates for a job? We share tips to get candidates to open up during the interview. Read on.
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The Troubling State Of DE&I Hiring In 2022
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How To Hire For A Job That You Don't Understand
How do you identify outstanding candidates—if you don’t know the ins and outs of their jobs? Here are the steps you can take to identify candidates. View more.
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Outbound Recruiter Playbook image
Outbound Recruiter Playbook image
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