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Why Outbound Recruiting?
Cut 50% of the time spent on searching for the right talent
Reduce time-to-hire by 23% on average
Average 42% more hires per recruiter
Get 5X more qualified leads and increase outreach response rates by 45%
Join the other 5000+ Outbound Recruiting teams
Achieve up to 6X ROI
BETTER Talent Quality
Search and Identify High Quality Talent
Intelligently search across 800M+ diverse candidate profiles and identify hiring trends in the market for data-backed hiring plans that align with business objectives and goals.
candidate profiles
cut in sourcing time
more qualified leads
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FASTER Engagement
Boost Engagement and Team Collaboration
Streamline engagement with automated scheduling and email campaigns and collaborate with team members to align communication and accelerate hiring.
increase in
response rate
candidate contact- finding rate
more hires per recruiter
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Integrate and Refresh Your ATS/CRM
Supercharge your HR tech ecosystem and rediscover talent that already exists in your Applicant Tracking System with the latest enriched data.
Talent in ATS
Secure and
Compliant Data
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ebook: The Outbound Recruiter's Playbook 2022 banner
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