Published 18 November 2021
Tango Card Attracts Passive Candidates with Data-Driven Insights from hireEZ
Tango Card reduced time to hire with a massive resume database and helps in passive sourcing. Enhance candidates' experience with saved time.
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60% Reduced Time per hire

4x Increase in outreach

3x Increase in response rate

“It would have taken me hours on LinkedIn to source 20 truly qualified candidates. Now it takes me 4 minutes on hireEZ to source the first 50 most-qualified candidates. With hireEZ, I find more qualified candidates in a shorter amount of time, and I also gain a more holistic view of the candidates.”

- Benjamin D. Rifleman, Manager of Employer Brand and Talent Acquisition Experience at Tango Card.

1.About Tango Card

Tango Card is used by enterprise companies worldwide to deliver an extensive catalog of domestic and global e-gift cards as part of consumer loyalty programs, sales incentive programs, health and wellness engagement, and employee recognition. By instantly delivering desirable rewards, Tango Card helps maximize impact and drive real business results.

Industry: Tech No. of employees: 150 Location: Seattle, WA ATS: JazzHR, Lever

2.Challenges Faced By Tango Card

Centered in a technology hotspot, Benjamin faced industry-specific issues. “Particularly in technology, there is a lot of noise out here in cities like Seattle. There’s a lot of competing forces, and all of these companies, like Tango Card, have a lot to offer. In this market, the hardest thing for companies to find [are] qualified talent who apply directly because it just doesn’t happen anymore. Candidates know they can wait, and great offers will come to them. So we actively go out and hunt down these people, so to speak. We have to go out and introduce ourselves in any way possible. The biggest challenge is reaching out to candidates directly to tell our story. Once we do, we have a lot of success. If you are not sourcing for passive candidates, you’re just not getting the top talent out there,” explained Benjamin.

3.Why Tango Card Chose hireEZ

hireEZ gives customers a one-stop shop for sourcing and hiring. Not only can recruiters see valuable market insights on particular roles, they can also conveniently pull up any professional websites that candidates may have.

“I demoed hireEZ at a conference, and I said ‘Wow, this is incredible!’ What really sold me was when they pulled up my information, and hireEZ was able to estimate a salary that was pretty close to what I was making, my email, and my skill blocks. We also ran it on a few of our engineers. hireEZ pulled up their GitHub and saw how active they were on Stack Overflow. That insight is significant when hiring new team members,” says Benjamin.

hireEZ’s powerful AI server gathers candidate information from over 37 platforms along with the open web. Recruiters will never have to worry about seeing dated information.

“Indeed, like hireEZ, has a tool for passive sourcing. They have a massive resume database, but candidates normally only update their Indeed [profiles] when they’re looking or getting close to looking for a new role. Whereas hireEZ has a fresh and constantly updated look at [candidates’] LinkedIn, their GitHub, or even their personal blog. Finding their personal website or portfolio is important because engineers frequently have side projects that they don’t list on their resumes but can push them higher in our rankings,” says Benjamin.

hireEZ has proven over and over again that it is not just a contact information finder. hireEZ offers end-to-end solutions for members of the talent acquisition world.

“Using hireEZ as an email finder was the original goal, but [hireEZ] became a lot more in the end. The AI sourcing technology is incredible and saves us time that can be better spent on the candidate experience. We made a crucial leadership hire with it, which we were able to do by never posting a requisition and instead, rely on sourcing a hundred percent. Also importantly, the ability to add diversity and inclusion filters in our search, specifically targeting underrepresented groups, is a great tool to ensure we are doing our best to build an inclusive workforce,” says Benjamin.

4.Plans for Using hireEZ in the Future

“We plan on continuing to use hireEZ to find the best talent possible for our team. hireEZ allows us to do this in many ways; for example, we want to host happy hours for our engineering teams, and we can create and reach out to these candidate pools in hireEZ. hireEZ isn’t just something you can use for sourcing. It’s something you can use to create a network of people for these events,” says Benjamin.

5.About hireEZ

hireEZ is every recruiter’s best friend because we empower our customers to be at the top of their game. To fulfill that promise, hireEZ uses AI technologies to help recruiters and sourcers build a robust pipeline of quality talent to enable them to achieve their hiring objectives.