Published 25 December 2021
JANE Achieves Higher Candidate Responses with hireEZ Email Sequences
Read how hireEZ email sequence help JANE increases candidate response rate in email campaigns and candidate volume in the talent pipeline.
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50% Less time sourcing

5x More qualified candidates

1.About JANE

JANE provides business owners and managers a personal hiring specialist who customizes and manages the recruitment process around their needs. JANE also provides Hiring Return-on-Investment (HROI) consultation, HR Consulting and Outsourcing Partnerships, and Job Site Partnerships.

Industry: Recruiting No. of employees: 12 Location: Philadelphia, PA ATS: Workable

2.Challenges Faced By JANE

“The tension we are dealing with is being able to handle the diversity of roles as well as being able to react and be proactive in passive sourcing,” says Everett Reiss, Chief Operations Officer at JANE.

“In our industry, recruiters want to attract a high quantity of qualified profiles into a pipeline and then send out personalized outreach to get high response rates. Software development roles, for example, need to be passively sourced. These candidates are bombarded by recruiters, so it’s hard to get decent response rates,” says Everett.

3.Become Somebody with Email Campaigns

“We’ve been using the campaign feature, and it’s certainly been helpful. We’re able to have multiple touch points with potential candidates through hireEZ’s sequence emails, and by the third or fourth touch point, you become somebody,” says Everett. Greater Inflow of Candidates

“I see hireEZ as a good foundational sourcing engine. We’ve been able to more confidently take on new engagements knowing that we’ll be able to have a sourcing engine behind us to feed some volume into the pipeline,” says Everett.