Published 15 November 2021
With hireEZ, It Can Only Take Hours for FI Consulting to Identify Future Leaders
With hireEZ, FI Consulting manages to increase qualified candidates by 75% and sourcing time reduce by 80%. Find out more.
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0% increase in qualified candidates

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FI Consulting provides highly-skilled and data-driven industry expertise for specialized portfolios with commercial and government sector institutions. With hireEZ, FI Consulting went from months worth of talent sourcing to successfully making hires within a week.

“In one day, in just a few hours in hireEZ, I can say that we may have found our next director or we may have found our next account leader,”

June Brokos, Director of Talent Management at FI Consulting

1.Say Goodbye to Monday Blues

On a busy Monday in April, June Brokos found herself in a position no talent team wanted to be in. It was her first time working on a requisition in the healthcare space, and she had 120 calendar days to deliver the right candidate for the project. At 118 days in, the night before their start, her candidate rescinded the offer and she was back on the hunt again. It was the very same day she was set to chat with the hireEZ team on her success with the tool.

A few minutes before the chat, she sent an email saying, “Let’s reschedule. I found a person on hireEZ for a critical role, we are talking to the person now.”

A few minutes later, we found out the candidate was set to meet with her CEO.

“This Monday...think about it. I was only maybe 10 people deep in hireEZ when I found this person, reached out to them and the next day they are talking to my CEO. They are also scheduled to speak next week with several of our senior leadership team. I mean that's a phenomenal turnaround,” June says.

Within 6 months using hireEZ, June has made several very strong hires while identifying pipelines of qualified candidates. The positions range from analysts, consultants, managing consultants, technical specialists to business development account leaders. Giving them the ability to connect with strong talent now for potential projects down the road.

2.Finding Success in the Details

Being a firm that excels in robust and complex portfolios, FI Consulting is driven by talent who are not only analytical and technically-savvy but client centric in their manner, discipline and thought.

“We can’t just plug a job title into hireEZ. Based on our roles, I need to shape our sourcing around two things: Who is our client? What work do we need to do for them?” said June. “I don’t know if you’ve ever gone hunting but imagine your quiver filled with arrows. I come to hireEZ with a quiver full of arrows and I’m sticking them into hireEZ and along the way I pull some arrows out if things don’t work.”

Sourcing in hireEZ gives June the flexibility to continuously refine search criteria as she scrolls through candidate profiles. By seeing the shifts in her talent pool in real-time, June can better capture the most effective search strategy even when it lies in the smallest changes.

Every hireEZ profile provides a wealth of information to inform that strategy. The quality of technical searches are sharpened with hireEZ’s insights from technical platforms like Stack Overflow, which has been a difficult sourcing channel for her to navigate.

June went on to say “This is why I can’t pick LinkedIn over hireEZ, because of all the other connecting pieces hireEZ offers. It’s a critical piece that’s been important for some of our technical hires. We don’t want somebody who has half a star on GitHub or Stack Overflow even though their resume looks great”.

3.Turning Months and Years into Hours

FI Consulting began using hireEZ in August 2020, a unique time for hiring across all industries. June was running into challenges filling a role for a proposal writer that she began sourcing for in March. August was FI Consulting’s busiest month, and they were eager to bring this role to a successful close as soon as they could.

“We couldn’t fill that role for four months and within hours of using hireEZ, I found somebody.” She’s been working with us since then and we love her, she loves us.” June said.

June has even been able to identify talent for future needs while sourcing for existing roles. She shares her experience about finding a leader her team was willing to build a new role for within the company. “We often find top talent when sourcing. In one case we were years ahead of where we thought we’d be for a particular position within a new industry to us. During the interview process with senior leadership we realized we found the person that made us say "We want to build this practice out while building a support team to align with their skills and expertise to leverage our capabilities.” she said.

4.Achieving ROI with Quality

For FI Consulting, the most important measure of success is knowing that their time spent sourcing gives returns in the form of quality candidates. June defines quality candidate’s by their ability to show their client centric leadership behavior, their strength in technical orientation, proactive energy and strategic-ness when providing solutions to tough client challenges. To drill down on these requirements, she needs visibility across multiple open web platforms, profile insights that go beyond surface-level experiences with a recruiter-friendly process that is adaptable and customizable.

“What’s most important to the team is knowing that if we put the effort into sourcing with hireEZ, we can often quickly find quality people. With other tools we weren’t getting the responses or finding the depth to the quality in the character of candidates we needed,” said June.