Published 25 January 2022
Dynamic Search Group Sources Fresh Talent from hireEZ's Industry-Leading Talent Pool
Dynamic Search Group chose hireEZ as we provide a large talent pool, contact finding tool, and key candidate insights for a niche industry.
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1.About Dynamic Search Group

Founded in 2017, Dynamic Search Group connects talented, purpose-driven individuals with career opportunities that align with their goals and values. Tailoring the process to meet the demands of each employer, Dynamic Search Group gives companies a comprehensive snapshot of candidate character and capabilities prior to the first meeting.

Industry: Staffing, Recruiting No. of employees: 6 Location: Irvine, CA ATS: Bullhorn

2.Roles Sourced with hireEZ

“We search for accounting and finance roles primarily. They can be anywhere from the CFO level down to an accounting clerk,” says Patricia Perez, Managing Partner at Dynamic Search Group.

3.Challenges Before hireEZ

Small Candidate Pool

Many recruiters work with LinkedIn, but when everyone reaches into the same LinkedIn talent pool, the same group of candidates are selected and exhausted.

“I mean, frankly, if we can find people on LinkedIn, any of the million recruiters can find them on LinkedIn,” says Patricia.

“There are lots of new recruitment companies popping up, so I feel like when we do reach out to candidates, they’re a little overwhelmed. The candidates are bombarded and overloaded, and this is part of the reason why we wanted to stay out of LinkedIn,” explains Patricia.

4.Why Dynamic Search Group Chose hireEZ

Transparency Right from the Start

“The big plus for us was that [hireEZ] was the only one that was able to do live searches with us. Everyone else had demos, and that was huge for us. hireEZ’s ability to do that on the fly really sold us,” says Patricia.

Cast Your Net into a Large, Fresh Talent Pool

Not all candidates live on LinkedIn! hireEZ aggregates data from 38+ platforms and helps you quickly narrow down your search on those best fit for your projects. “I notice a greater number of candidates who pop up on hireEZ and are not on LinkedIn, so that’s a big selling point,” says Patricia.

Tap into Personal Emails

“I notice that the emails that are being pulled up are more personal as opposed to business. hireEZ finds actual personal emails, which are much better,” explains Patricia. “Email engagement is so much faster because not everyone checks their LinkedIn account everyday,” says Patricia.

Showcase Your Expertise with hireEZ Insights

“hireEZ’s candidate pool insights gives us the ability to be consultative when we’re discussing market trends with clients and setting up the expectations for certain roles that we’re recruiting for,” says Patricia.

Get Real Results

“For every role we present, we have at least one hireEZ candidate, and we’ve had a higher [number of] placements with hireEZ,” says Patricia.