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Find, connect, and build a stronger talent pipeline with the only end-to-end Outbound Recruiting Platform. Easily consolidate, integrate and supercharge your enterprise tech stack for smarter, more efficient hiring.
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Search and Identify High Quality Talent
Intelligently search across 800M+ diverse candidate profiles and identify hiring trends in the market for data-backed hiring plans that align with business objectives and goals.
candidate profiles
cut in sourcing time
more qualified leads
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Boost Engagement and Team Collaboration
Streamline engagement with automated scheduling and email campaigns and collaborate with team members to align communication and accelerate hiring
increase in
response rate
candidate contact- finding rate
more hires per recruiter
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Integrate and Refresh Your ATS/CRM
Supercharge your HR tech ecosystem and rediscover talent that already exists in your Applicant Tracking System with the latest enriched data
Talent in ATS
Secure and
Compliant Data
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See What Our Customers Say
“We can simplify and accelerate the process of finding the right talent to help our clients support their organizational objectives. [hireEZ] has been a game-changer for us.
Gene C. Waddy
CEO @ Diversant
“This is why I can’t pick LinkedIn over hireEZ, because of all the other connecting pieces hireEZ offers. It’s a critical piece that’s been important for some of our technical hires. We don’t want somebody who has half a star on GitHub or Stack Overflow even though their resume looks great.”
June Brokos
Director of Talent Management @ FI Consulting
“From a sourcing perspective, when we put [hireEZ] against who we had, it didn’t even compare. We’re finding people a lot quicker and we’ve made some really good hires because of that.”
George Cobb
Talent Sourcer @ Arkansas Children’s Hospital
“At DIVERSANT, we are always looking for new solutions to help our team members work more efficiently and deliver better results for our clients. And that’s why hireEZ immediately stood out. The ROI has been outstanding .
Ryan Jaco
VP @ Diversant
“I rarely write testimonials but I believe that there is one organization and one product that is going to be a game changer for the search and staffing market and that is hireEZ.”
Jeff Kaye
Co-CEO @ Kaye/Bassman
Co-CEO @ Next Level Exchange
Co-Sr. Managing Dir @ Sanford Rose Associates
Award winner for Best DEI-Enabling Solution, in the Talent Acquisition category
Gold Stevie Award for Best New Product in the Talent Management Solution
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ebook: The Outbound Recruiter's Playbook 2022 banner
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