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Proactively Recruit Talent with Ease in a Candidate-Driven Market

From actionable outbound recruiting strategies to real-world success stories. In this playbook, we breaks down everything you need to recruit successfully in today’s tough talent market.

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Everything You Need to Know About Boolean Search Recruiting with hireEZ

Boolean search recruiting has been a staple in the industry for a long time. Although candidate search methods have expanded, boolean search recruiting is still a common way for recruiters.

Here’s a basic breakdown of what a Boolean search is and how you can construct one yourself.

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Refresh Your ATS and Unlock the Potential of Candidate Profiles

If you ask any recruiter to name the one thing they use the most often to support their daily recruiting tasks, nine times out of ten, they might say that it’s their ATS.

Here are the risks of having candidate information that is out of date.

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3 Reasons Why Outbound Recruiting Is Crucial in Today's Competitive Job Market

How many times have you gone through resumes and applications and reached a dead end with no viable candidates' insight?

Here are three reasons why outbound recruiting represents one of the most effective and important strategies that fast-growing organizations should be using today.

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5 Strategies to Build A Sustainable Talent Pool With Outbound Recruiting

Recruiters have to be smart and strategic in today’s candidate-driven market as recruiting tasks can sometimes go haywire without the right strategy.

That’s why recruiters need to build a talent pool to streamline the process and build a relationship with candidates to keep them interested throughout the process.

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How Are We Simplifying Outbound Recruiting?

Unleash access to untapped talent pools to deliver more hires in half the time.

Automate your search for top talent with EZ Sourcing and uncover a comprehensive view into more than 800 million candidates from over 45 open web platforms.

Get the talent market visibility you need to proactively target the right candidates at the right time and build a scalable, data-driven recruiting approach.

Boost candidate engagement with your most sought-after talent.

Directly engage with qualified talent and increase response rates with verified contact info, automated & branded drip campaigns, automated interview scheduling, comprehensive performance tracking, and more.

EZ Engagement is your built-in email marketing and scheduling platform for all your recruitment marketing needs.

Transform your tech stack into a unified recruiting powerhouse.

Shine a light on hidden top talent waiting to be rediscovered within your ATS/CRM system.

EZ Integration seamlessly integrates hireEZ with your existing ATS/CRM so you can
1. Dedupe, enrich, and refresh your outdated ATS candidate profiles, and
2. Source for target candidates within your renewed ATS database

Work together. Hire smarter. Hire faster.

hireEZ is built for recruiters, hiring managers, and leaders to collaborate every step of the way.

Invite team members, track team activity, communicate in-app, measure team performance, and avoid duplicate efforts with EZ Collaboration to streamline team workflows and optimize talent management.
Security & Compliance
CCPA Compliant
GDPR compliant
SOC 2 Type 2 certified
EU-US Privacy
Shield certified

Keep your data safe and secure.

Our EZ Security and Compliance feature sets rigorous policies in place to safeguard your data, uphold information security and compliance, and ensure our platform is designed with a high bar of security and privacy in mind.

We are CCPA compliant, GDPR compliant, SOC 2 Types 2 and SOC 3 certified, EU-US Privacy Shield certified, and OFCCP compliant.
Learn How Secure Is Your Data With Us
Gene C. Waddy
CEO @ Diversant
We can simplify and accelerate the process of finding the right talent to help our clients support their organizational objectives. [hireEZ] has been a game-changer for us
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George Cobb
Talent Sourcer @ Arkansas Children’s Hospital
From a sourcing perspective, when we put [hireEZ] against who we had, it didn’t even compare. We’re finding people a lot quicker and we’ve made some really good hires because of that
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Ryan Jaco
VP @ Diversant
At DIVERSANT, we are always looking for new solutions to help our team members work more efficiently and deliver better results for our clients. And that’s why hireEZ immediately stood out. The ROI has been outstanding
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June Brokos
Director of Talent Management @ FI Consulting
This is why I can’t pick LinkedIn over hireEZ, because of all the other connecting pieces hireEZ offers. It’s a critical piece that’s been important for some of our technical hires. We don’t want somebody who has half a star on GitHub or Stack Overflow even though their resume looks great
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Jeff Kaye
Co-CEO @ Kaye/Bassman
Co-CEO @ Next Level Exchange
Co-Sr. Managing Dir @ Sanford Rose Associates
I rarely write testimonials but I believe that there is one organization and one product that is going to be a game changer for the search and staffing market and that is hireEZ.
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Proactively Recruit Tech Talent with Ease in a Candidate-Driven Market
Proactively Recruit Talent with Ease in a Candidate-Driven Market
Diversify your company. Drive real change.
Diversity hiring is more than an initiative. It’s the right way to hire.
hireEZ gives you the tools and resources you need to bring your DEI hiring initiatives to life.

Discover and nurture qualified talent with the largest diverse talent pool of underrepresented talent, powerful AI diversity filters, blind sourcing mode, and comprehensive diversity analytics and insights.
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