What does your Commitment to Diversity tell Candidates about your Business?

JANUARY 25, 2022 4 min read

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Diversity hiring, recruiting, diverse and inclusive workplace – there’s almost a 99.8% chance that you have heard of hiring for diversity as a recruiter. With tons of resources and information that can be found online about the best practices and strategies, it is clear that diversity hiring isn’t a new concept. Your commitment to diversity tells candidates a lot about your business, and it is also clear that companies that practice effective diversity hiring strategies lead to noticeable benefits. 

According to Cowen Partners Executive Search, companies with a diverse management team report a 19% increase in revenue. 68% of job seekers consider diversity one of the critical factors for a new job. However, another study also tells us that only a small amount of underrepresented talent feel their company’s DE&I efforts have impacted them positively. This could be because their diversity hiring strategy lacks understanding of the employee, resulting in the inability to provide a comfortable work environment. Let’s dive into all the details of what a diverse workplace means to candidates and what it tells candidates about your business. 

💡 In case you missed it, find out why DE&I should be involved through recruitment and the employee journey

You probably know what diversity recruiting means, but here’s a recap in case you need a refresh, or you’re a new recruiter: 

Diversity recruiting is a practice of hiring candidates with a bias-free process. In simple terms, you are looking to hire anyone despite their gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, or any group. 

Diversity recruiting allows recruiters to build a larger, diverse and targeted talent pool. As talent acquisition professionals, there’s no doubt that you want to dive into the psychology of targeted candidates. Questions like, “What are candidates looking for in a job?”, “How is the company going to support the candidate’s vision or values?”, “What can recruiters do to ensure the candidate is not only interested in the position but also excited about the company’s mission and values?” may rise through your recruitment process.

This is where recruiters shine through the outreach pitch. It comes from how recruiters represent themselves while explaining how the business will contribute to their career and personal development. Creating a practical and appealing employer branding guide is one way to help support these strategies in making the candidate feel excited about the role and the company. 

Now, here’s the question, what does your diversity and inclusive workplace tell candidates about your business?

Something to consider: 

  1. 68% of job seekers consider diversity an important factor when looking for a new job.
  2. 1 in 3 employees (~32%) would not apply to a job at a company that lacks diversity and inclusion.
  3. DE&I does not stop at recruitment but should cover the entire employee journey. 


A well incorporated and inclusive workplace with diversity says a lot about the character of your business. 

Your commitment to diversity tells candidates that…

You’re not biased but look for true potential.

Today, many recruiters and hiring managers implement diverse hiring strategies to hire skilled-based workers, such as screening tests and blind hiring methods to eliminate any unconscious bias around diversity. It tells the candidates that you are looking for the right skills and potential, and the evaluation is free from the bias of gender, race, and education level. Therefore, making the hiring process equal with other employees.


You accept all differences and make them feel trusted and welcomed 

A happy workplace is defined by how the company communicates their message, the “vibe,” and how they treat their diverse employees. Accepting all differences provides a diverse workplace while allowing employees to feel trusted and welcomed despite their different backgrounds.

Your aim to perform better financially & culturally

Data has shown that many companies with a diverse and inclusive workplace report higher productivity, revenue, etc. Hiring diversity creates a work environment where employees from different backgrounds can collaborate and provide better and innovative ideas through their diverse backgrounds and knowledge. Hence, increasing the company’s success rate in various aspects.

Gain trust from candidates with a diverse workplace

These are just some snippets of how a diverse workplace can support your hiring efforts to build a more scalable business. The complete list of what a diverse workplace tells candidates about your business can go on and on. Especially with the Great Resignation that our economy faces today, presenting a well-rounded company with an effective diversity strategy will attract more candidates. 

If you’re interested in learning more about how hireEZ supports your diversity hiring goals, our team is ready to talk and discuss this further with you.


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