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Turn real-time talent data into hiring opportunities with hireEZ's Market Insights.

Turn real-time talent data into hiring opportunities with hireEZ's Market Insights.

“Hospitals may have an abundance of Respiratory Therapists while we’re having a shortage. With [hireEZ’s Market Insights] I know what those hospitals are, I can see that Respiratory Therapists with 3 years of experience are starting to move now and 10% of them have left their jobs in the past 12 months. I can start building my roadmap to engage with them,”
Photo of George Cobb George Cobb,
Talent Sourcer at Arkansas Children’s Hospital
Read how Arkansas Children’s Hospital stays competitive with insights from hireEZ
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Build higher quality searches

Don’t source without a game plan. Get to know your talent pool with insights on top locations, popular skills, available languages and diverse representation.
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Understand your talent pipeline

View market insights on candidates at every stage of your talent pipeline. Easily export and share results to your team, leaders, and stakeholders.
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Stronger collaboration with hiring managers

Act on comprehensive market trends for any open role to inform and shape current and future recruitment strategies with your hiring managers.
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Helping you do more than find talent

With all that talent market data, you can start planning hiring events, campus recruitment initiatives, and recruitment marketing campaigns.
Make informed hiring decisions with talent market data
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