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JANUARY 25, 2022 3 min read

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hireEZ announced the launch of its Healthcare and IT/Tech AI Sourcing Solutions on January 15. The two solutions are now available for healthcare recruiters and technical recruiters on the hireEZ platform. These are the first-ever AI solutions created solely to overcome barriers for healthcare and technical recruiters. hireEZ enables recruiters to source across industry-specific platforms while using customized filters tailored to the skills and expertise of healthcare and technical candidates.

"Over the past three years, the hireEZ team has served over 200,000 recruiters globally. We learned that recruiting in the two industry sectors of Healthcare and IT is continuously competitive and challenging. After one year of day and night technology development and iteration based on our community's feedback, we are ready to launch the first-ever Healthcare-specific and IT-specific AI Sourcing," says Steven Jiang, CEO and Co-Founder of hireEZ.

Healthcare AI Sourcing Solution

Using hireEZ's Healthcare AI Sourcing Solution, healthcare recruiters will be able to find more than 10 million healthcare and medical professionals from targeted platforms including the U.S. Boards of Nursing, Healthgrades, Zocdoc, RateMDs, and more. Recruiters can fine-tune their search for best-fit niche candidates by choosing filters from a selection of 700+ medical specialties, license states, certifications, and skills or keywords. hireEZ's self-learning AI will automatically suggest similar or related terms for job titles and skill sets. While sourcing, recruiters will also be able to view a candidate's listed specialties, licenses, certifications, employment availability and their average market value.

IT/Tech AI Sourcing Solution

hireEZ's IT/Tech AI Sourcing Solution helps technical recruiters source from a fresher and targeted pool of over 20 million technical professionals. hireEZ aggregates data beyond LinkedIn, reaching platforms that technical candidates are more actively sharing their projects on, such as GitHub, Stack Overflow, Kaggle, and more. Technical recruiters can conduct detailed searches with increased efficiency using filters that cover over 50 fields of expertise, more than 290 programming languages and coding activity levels or community impact. 

The healthcare industry is projected to add 1.9 million new jobs between 2018 and 2028, making it the fastest growing occupational group. The Healthcare AI Sourcing Solution will help recruiters address the shortage of healthcare talents, especially with the demand of physicians, nurses and the allied healthcare workforce exceeding current supply.

The uptick in demand for cloud computing, big data and information security is projected to add over 500,000 new technical jobs by 2028. Employers are finding trouble identifying qualified candidates despite the abundance of applicants for open technical roles, resulting in a 50% longer time to hire tech roles compared to other positions. The IT/Tech AI Sourcing Solution will help recruiters identify the most relevant skill sets and qualifications to reduce sourcing and hiring time.

To support the quality of sourced candidates through these solutions, hireEZ has given its candidate engagement features a complete makeover. Recruiters can now improve outreach with highly customizable email sequence templates, candidate-focused email tracking, and engagement insights that predict response rates and offer engagement tips as recruiters craft their emails.

"Think of these talent pools as an industry-specific LinkedIn. In the past, sourcing for these industries would require high-level knowledge of industry expertise as a criterion, criteria to source. But with this AI model, even a non-technical technical recruiter or a less experienced healthcare recruiter can find the perfect candidate," says Xinwen Zhang, Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder of hireEZ.



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