Access a Centralized Workspace to Collaborate With and Manage Your Recruiting Teams

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Ensure the smooth flow of your teams’ hiring processes with a user-friendly portal that is rich with flexible, clear, and easy-to-toggle feature settings and configurations, improved metrics and performance tracking.

Hiring Team Collaboration

  • Collaborate with other team members and share the best performing email templates to boost productivity and collective response rates as a team
  • Work together with your peers on sourcing projects and gain visibility into progress
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Access and export team and enterprise-wide reports to track critical KPIs.

Make Data Driven Decisions
Email sequece to candidates in hireEZ interface


  • Easily add or remove users to your team with admin, member and collaborator licenses
  • Segment recruiting teams into different focus groups to accommodate current hiring needs (e.g. different locations to recruit)
  • Access weekly performance metrics, oversee all projects and reassign ownership of projects
Track Team’s Sourcing Progress
Email sequece to candidates in hireEZ interface
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